Hot Off the Press: Bad Indians, Cellphone, Legendary Wings, The Omecs

cellphone excellent condition lp telephone explosion 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: BAD INDIANS and LEGENDARY WINGS have both announced their sophomore albums (CQ Records and Dirtnap Records), CELLPHONE readies their lethal debut LP (Telephone Explosion) and THE OMECS drop their first cassette at their tape-release show (King Pizza Records). Continue reading “Hot Off the Press: Bad Indians, Cellphone, Legendary Wings, The Omecs”

Hot Off the Press: Ttotals, Heaters, Fruit Tones, Cowbones

ttotals let everything come through lp twin lakes records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: TTOTALS are set to release their debut LP in November (Twin Lakes Records), HEATERS have an upcoming 10″ EP (Dizzybird/ Stolen Body Records), FRUIT TONES release their debut 7″ (Stolen Body Records) and COWBONES drop their debut LP (Casbah/ Ossatur Records). Continue reading “Hot Off the Press: Ttotals, Heaters, Fruit Tones, Cowbones”

Hot Off the Press: Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Neighborhood Brats, Schonwald

schonwald dream for the fall lp anywave music manic depression records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS released their second 12″ record (Total Punk), the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS just released their debut (Deranged Records), and SCHONWALD has a new sophomore record to share with the world (Anywave Music/ Manic Depression Records). Continue reading “Hot Off the Press: Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Neighborhood Brats, Schonwald”

Hot Off the Press: Manateees, Ex Hex, No Other

manateees sit n spin lp pelican pow wow records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: There’s MANATEEES upcoming debut full-length (Pelican Pow Wow), EX HEX’s first full length (Merge) and NO OTHER’s debut 7″ (Negative Fun Records). Continue reading “Hot Off the Press: Manateees, Ex Hex, No Other”

Hot Off the Press: White Ass, The Mad Doctors, Aaron & the Burrs

white ass st lp kizmiaz records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: We’ve got a new 12″ LP from WHITE ASS in France (Kizmiaz Records), THE MAD DOCTORS of Brooklyn, NY are readying their debut LP (King Pizza Records), and AARON & the BURRS have a new 7″ that is a split release from Feral Kid and UT Records. Continue reading “Hot Off the Press: White Ass, The Mad Doctors, Aaron & the Burrs”

Hot Off the Press: The People’s Temple, The Frowning Clouds, Axis: Sova, Clearance

people's temple weekends time state capital records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Michigan’s brotherly purveyors of garage rock, THE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE, return with their second LP in 2014 (State Capital/ Eye Vybe), Australian garage sensation THE FROWNING CLOUDS have just announced their second album (Saturno Records), AXIS: SOVA has a new self-released cassette EP (Licking River Records), and CLEARANCE of Chicago has a new cassette compilation (Unsatisfied Records).

The People’s Temple – Weekends Time LP: For their second album of 2014, the band has turned a new leaf in their growing discography. Weekends Time offers a collection of nine new songs with a clear and sprightly pop approach. The band executes their psych-flared, surf-ready guitar jangle in a variety of ways, which includes two Ariel Pink covers – “Loverboy” and “She’s My Girl.” Elsewhere, “William’s Song” or “Human Cancer” reminisce the haunted, bluesy twangs from their previous albums, minus the hypnotizing, drug-fueled haze that blanketed their sound. That said, Weekends Time is a clean and accessible collection of garage rock that displays a new progressive direction for the band. State Capital Records in New York releases the LP on September 25th – color vinyl is limited to 50! Eye Vybe Records is doing the cassette version!

The Frowning Clouds – Legalize Everything LP: frowning clouds legalize everything lp saturno records 2014 hotp Based between Geelong and Melbourne in Australia, the Frowning Clouds have emerged with their second full-length. Saturno Records releases the LP from Sevilla, Spain, providing us with the proper follow-up to 2013’s criminally overlooked Whereabouts. The Clouds continue their groovy and effortless take on garage, delivered in efficient, 2-3 minute pop nuggets saturated by a wispy psychedelic haze. Summer is already over, but extend it for as long as you can by listening to “Sun Particle Mind Body Experience” here. Pre-order the album from Saturno Records now with a discount – it begins shipping September 22nd.

Axis: Sova – Worse Fools Cease To Be A Shadow CS EP:
Recorded late in a single night in Chicago, this new cassette from Axis: Sova will be available on their upcoming tour. The new 4-track cassette clocks in with nearly a half hour’s worth of sticky psychedelic pop, bubbling menacingly in a cauldron of hot, vaporous tar. Their slow and dirgy approach keeps you guessing through the first half, but they change the pace with the sunburned guitar grit of the speedy “Lucid Dreams.” Listen to the stream of “Eyes Have It” above and don’t miss them on tour later this month – they’re in Philadelphia on September 20th, playing at the local bagging cages (yes batting cages) Everybody Hits with Birds of Maya and Apache Dropout. See you there.

Clearance – Catalogue Nos. CS: clearance catalog nos cs ep unsatisfied records 2014 hotp Released by Unsatisfied Records (a sister label of Mock Records) out of Los Angeles and Oakland, Catalog Nos. takes all of Clearance’s recorded material from the past year (or so) and conveniently places it on one cassette. That includes both of their 7″ records, their “Carte Blanche” digital single from March, and a tiny handful of previously unreleased songs. Unsatisfied Records releases the compilation on September 16th, but you can stream the whole thing now. Take note of compilation closer “Merchant Copy,” one of their previously unheard songs. We know what you’re thinking early on, but the song transforms into an ecstatic and blown-out mess of melodically wigged-out guitar shards. If you’ve been sleeping on this band, this should be your wake up call, and luckily it’s still not too late.

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Hot Off the Press: Musk, Gunk, Suburban Homes, Yes I’m Leaving

musk lp st holy mountain 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Based in Oakland, California, MUSK drops their debut self-titled LP (Holy Mountain), Philly-based post-punks GUNK have their new debut LP (Square of Opposition), the SUBURBAN HOMES of the UK have a brand new 7″ EP (Market Square Recordings), and last but not least, a new third LP from Sydney-based noise-freaks YES I’M LEAVING (Homeless).

Musks/t LP:
Holy Mountain Records in Portland returns with a purpose, and that purpose is the crushing debut from Oakland psychedelic-punks Musk. From the label itself: “It’s been a while since we had a new release but this one landed in our laps and we couldn’t be happier letting the leash out a bit and having these guys jump up on you until you tell us you like them or we find out you hate animals.” Gee thanks! No seriously, thanks. We’re glad you’re back and this threatening new album is the perfect way to pick things up again. Holy Mountain drops Musk on September 16th, and it’s overflowing with this doom-laden psychedelic snarl. Captured by Chris Woodhouse, these songs are drenched by a foul-smelling air, led by the psychotic howling of frontman Rob Fletcher. Just please don’t sleep on this:

GunkGradual Shove LP: gunk gradual shove lp ranch records 2014 hotp Based right here in our backyard, Gunk has just put the finishing touches on their new debut LP. Gradual Shove comes released on both vinyl and cassette formats, by Square of Opposition and Ranch Records, respectively. The LPs are limited to 500 copies and the cassettes are already sold out, so you’re going to want to snag this pronto. “Ice Cream,” their new lead single, is a wonky mixture of angular pop and post-punk, driven by breathy vocals and jangly guitars, all whipped around by a mess of radio-static noise. Get listening below.

Suburban HomesThe Suburban Home 7″ EP: suburban homes the suburban home 7 ep market square recordings 2014 hotp Suburban Homes deliver slacker-esque, 70’s flavored punk rock from Crawley, West Sussex in the UK. Their new 7″ was released by the Market Square Recordings imprint, which is also based in the UK. Three songs are loaded onto their new 7″ EP – they’re short but sweet, brimming with gritty but melodic guitars with a sharp-edged fuzz. Vocals come with a grumble, bellowed out with a lazy, spoken-word tone. The single comes limited to 300 copies in three different colored sleeves. Get one now.

Yes I’m LeavingSlow Release LP: Homeless Records in Australia has been cleaning up with a slew of new records this year. They continue their run with Slow Release, the fourth album from these Sydney-based noise-punks. Their sound comes infused with a gaping black hole of aggression, evidenced by the explosive wave of energy that sucks us up whole in “One.” It’s a calculated mess of menacing guitar noise and swirling heat, pushing us to the brink with rugged vocals and a crushing sense of destruction. You can pre-order the LP from Homeless now – the first 100 copies come on smokey haze colored vinyl. Witness their wild sound this November when they tour the United States!

Hot Off the Press: Vegetarian Meat LP, Fat Creeps, Buffalo Tooth, SW/MM/NG

various artists vegetarian meat compilation lp stolen body records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Stolen Body Records in the UK delivers a brand new compilation entitled Vegetarian Meat, Fayetteville, AR quintet SW/MM/NG drop their new LP Feel Not Bad (Old Flame Records), Boston-based duo FAT CREEPS have a new LP Must Be Nice (Sophomore Lounge), and BUFFALO TOOTH from San Francisco releases their debut album Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce (Captcha Records).

Various Artists: Vegetarian Meat Complation: Stolen Body Records has put together a compilation of bands from the UK, France and USA and they’re calling it Vegetarian Meat. It’s the first in what the label hopes to be a long line of compilation records, coming on blue vinyl with red splatter. Tracklisting boasts a killer list of bands including Dusty Mush, Travel Check, Heaters, Taos Humm, Pain Dimension, Factotum, and Os Noctàmbulos (with a mix of tracks that may or may not appear on previous releases). Originally planned as a Record Store Day 2014 release, the album never made it to the plant in time, but it’s day has finally come – buy the album directly from Stolen Body Records on September 8th.


Sophomore Lounge Records is dropping a new LP from Fat Creeps. Must Be Nice is loaded with 10 tracks that are ripe with jarring guitars, bright, breathy vocals and crashing rhythms. Streaming above, “He Comes in Loudly” is an obvious highlight. It’s bursting with a variety of elements, including glowing guitar waves, pleasant vocal interplay and wonky bass lines. They create a driving and angular sound in one effortless shot, providing us with a truly infectious song that’s reminiscent of Grass Widow or Warpaint. You can get the LP from Sophomore Lounge now.

BUFFALO TOOTHGardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce LP:

Released by Captcha Records in California, Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce is the debut LP from San Francisco trio Buffalo Tooth. The LP comes limited to 500 pieces on black and white splatter vinyl, containing a hot mess of speedy, metal-tinged punk and 70’s-flavored rock fueled by relentless fuzz guitars. Grab the LP from Captcha on September 30th as long as your heart can take it!

SW/MM/NGFeel Not Bad LP:

Released on August 26th, SW/MM/NG drop their debut LP Feel Not Bad on Old Flame Records. It’s loaded with nine tracks of jangly guitar pop, led by the bright crooning of Brian Kupillas. “Younger” comes with some surf-y tones, not to mention the pleasant vibe of a sun-drenched beach day. You can listen to a full stream of the LP right here, then snag the vinyl on the 26th.

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Hot Off the Press: Naomi Punk, Dumb Doctors, Honey Radar, Bicycle Day

naomi punk television man lp captured tracks 2014 hotp

Hot Off the Press this week: Washington state grunge-punk trio NAOMI PUNK have just announced their sophomore LP Television Man (Captured Tracks), HONEY RADAR has a new cassette full of lo-fi psych-pop entitled Chain Smoking on Easter (Third Uncle/ Treetop Sorbet Records), DUMB DOCTORS drop their second digital single Psychosys (Academia Tapes) and last but not least, a new cassette tape from Oakland-based fuzz-rockers BICYCLE DAY (Lollipop Records).

NAOMI PUNKTelevision Man LP: After dropping one of our most recommended albums of 2012, this grungy trio returns with their first for Captured Tracks. They pick up right where they left us on The Feeling, continuing their slowcore aesthetic and dirgy, funeral-march execution that is unlike anything else out there. This record is meant to be played loud (and the band reminds you of that every chance they get), so crank that knob and let these songs corrode your ears to dust. There’s a few more twists and turns up their sleeves this time around, and the end result is positively crushing – listen to “Television Man” now.

HONEY RADARChain Smoking on Easter CS: honey radar chain smoking on easter cs lp third uncle treetop sorbet 2014 hotp
Honey Radar is the moniker of Jason Henn, a bedroom recording project based in Richmond, Indiana. Chain Smoking on Easter is a collection of guitar-driven psychedelic-pop songs, arranged with a healthy dose of melodic guitar racket to keep you cringing happily. Songs are perpetually glinting through this blown-out layer of noise, unfolding in these short, 1-3 minutes bursts that are short but sweet. The album is a split release from Indianapolis label Third Uncle and Philadelphia label Treetop Sorbet Recordings, who are releasing the album on vinyl and cassette respectively on August 26th.

DUMB DOCTORSPsychosys: dumb doctors psychosys single academia tapes 2014 hotp
Released by Academia Tapes in Charleston, SC, Psychosys is the follow up to Dumb Doctors debut cassingle from 2013. Dumb Doctors is the brainchild of Scott Dence, and his two latest fuzz-fueled anthems should lead to a full-length LP before the end of the year.

BICYCLE DAYI Had A Place To Be CS: bicycle day I had a place to be lp lollipop records 2014 hotp
The band is called Bicycle Day and the opening track on their upcoming cassette is called “Righteous Acid.” Do you need any other hints? Released by Lollipop Records, I Had a Place To Be is the debut release of any sort from the California-based trio. Their sound combines surf, garage and punk, built with reverb-heavy vocals and a menacingly hazy atmosphere. The material was recorded at Thee Mens Warehouse, a collective studio and art-based space in Anaheim, CA. Hear some of the album below, and sit tight for the tape release sometime this month!

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Hot Off the Press: Spray Paint, Leather Slave, Acid Baby Jesus, Druggy Pizza

spray paint clean blood regular acid lp monofonus press 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Austin, TX post-punks SPRAY PAINT have just announced their new album (Monofonus Press), a debut LP from LEATHER SLAVE (Permanent Records), a new 7″ from Grecian psych-punks ACID BABY JESUS (Slovenly Records), and a cassette overflowing with blown-out punk from DRUGGY PIZZA (Dirty Slice Records).

LEATHER SLAVEs/t LP: Permanent Records is set to release this self-titled album from Leather Slave on September 2nd. It comes limited to 300 copies – the first 100 of which are available on oxblood vinyl directly from the label. Hailing from Los Angeles, Leather Slave combine dirgy, grungy guitars with heavy repetition, creating a devastating concoction of blown-out horror-punk that will have you cringing in fear. Their songs are held together by rock-steady drumming and menacing, spoken-word vocals – listen to “Skin Suit” from the LP now.

SPRAY PAINTClean Blood, Regular Acid LP: Released by Monofonus Press, Clean Blood, Regular Acid is the first full length from this Austin trio in 2014. The LP is loaded with striped-down post-punk anthems, built with angular rhythms, wiry guitar plucking and chanted vocals. The sound grows as songs unfold, adding a dose of cringe-worthy guitar racket to layers of lysergic haze. Put simply, these Texans blend their own form of twisted noise-punk – start by listening to “Rest Versus Rust” here.

DRUGGY PIZZAChili Cheese Crust CS: druggy pizza chili cheese crust cs ep dirty slice records 2014 hotp This cassette is the third EP from Druggy Pizza, released in a very short run of 30 copies by the Dirty Slice Records imprint in France. Druggy Pizza is the moniker of Cédric Bottacchi, who is also a member of French garage-punk band Dusty Mush. Listen to the cassette full of explosive, scuzz-fueled punk now. Influences range anywhere from surf-flavored jams to noisy garage rock, creating a weirdly satisfying amalgamation of sounds that will blown your ears clean off.

ACID BABY JESUSVegetable 7″: acid baby jesus vegeable 7 ep slovenly records 2014 hotp Slovenly Records is back with another record from the Grecian psych monsters in Acid Baby Jesus. Crusty, buzz-saw guitars cut through their new single “Vegetable,” wherein you’ll encounter cowbell percussion, colorful synthesizers and nasally vocals to boot. B-side “Brain Damage” comes with an urgent sense of doom, built with melodic guitar leads and a smoky atmosphere. The 7″ prepares us for their upcoming sophomore LP, which will be released by Slovenly Records in 2014.

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