Shopping – The Official Body

shopping the official body lp fat cat records 2018With the quick count of a steel drum, The Official Body takes off, putting you in the passenger seat of wild, 31-minute ride through the nooks and crannies of the minds of SHOPPING. Falling somewhere between angular pop, post-punk and danceable alternative, their third album is a staggering accomplishment that does not let its guard down for a single moment. Continue reading “Shopping – The Official Body”

Song of the Day #36: Trust – “Divine”

trust divine sotd dressed for space ep arts and crafts 2012

This previously unheard track comes as part of an EP titled Dressed for Space that Arts & Crafts dropped back in September. “Divine” is the newest material we’ve heard from TRUST since their debut LP TRST dropped back in early 2012 in February, so it’s about time we got around to sharing this. There’s no clear-cut answer, but “Divine” sounds like a track that was created before their debut album ever came out (much like “Not a Waste of Sky” from the Sacred Bones Records Todo Muere compilation). Driven by woozy synth textures, shimmering electronics and feelings of paranoia, Robert Alfons glides through the track with his particularly haunting slur, wielding a voice that by now we’d have to say is largely unmatched. As all of these hypnotic elements merge together toward the end of the track, it’ll be hard to shake this one from your memory – you’ve been warned.

Listen to “Divine” right below! If that isn’t enough, there’s a ton of related links below and it also looks like Arts & Crafts just dropped another digital EP from Trust on the 22nd.

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Ethereal, Dance

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Song of the Day #14: TRUST

If you’re like us, then you can’t seem to get enough of TRUST. The Canadian duo has only released one 7″ to their name thus far and then there’s the lone track “Not a Waste of Sky” within the Sacred Bones Todo Muere compilation. While those three songs really aren’t enough to keep anybody satisfied, neither is this fourth track “Gloryhole” I’m going to send your way, but we hope it partially helps subside your Trust fever.

Like the other three tracks, there’s a dark and dire trance wave that extends itself through this inexplicably sexy dance anthem. However, it’s a rewarding song because even though they stick to their “grave wave” aesthetic, it doesn’t sound remotely close to the other three songs that you can potentially unearth from Trust. In other words, all of these tracks vary greatly while managing to stay within the darkly brooding and troubling realm that is Trust. Lead singer Robert Alfons sounds cold and haunted in “Gloryhole”, and although this one features minimal vocals (see “Not a Waste of Sky” for the opposite), he still manages to send a shivering chill up your spine whether you like it or not. At this point we can’t exactly say what’s to come next, but we can at least keep our eyes on Sacred Bones who looks to be releasing their debut long player sometime in 2011.

Gloryhole –

Get it here: DOWNLOAD
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Trance, Dance, Ambient

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Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn 7″

Here’s the final 7″ in the string of PANDA BEAR singles that was released over the last ten months leading up to the release of “Tomboy”, which officially hits shelves on the 12th (hint hint). Anybody else with me that this all took way longer than we probably expected? Continue reading “Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn 7″”

Song of the Day #10

Back when I first heard of Nicolas Jaar and read up on his unique sound and story, I was stricken with curiosity, but was also a bit skeptical. Then less than a week later Pitchfork slapped on the ‘best new music’ nod. I don’t want to be “that guy” and say that ruined anything, but it definitely took away from some of the mysteriousness, because now everybody else was listening to it. My point is, however, that I never would have guessed I’d still be urging to hear his music at any random point in my day this much time later. To me, that means something. Here’s a test: walk around in a busy place with this song blaring out your headphones and tell me how you how you feel. You sort of get the feeling nobody is in a better place than you are. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Keep Me There”.

This song puts you on an absolutely bizarre dance floor in slow motion, cluttered with sputtering effects, a precariously glowing fog-haze, glitchy piano bits, yelping brass, and a hooky bass line dripping with attitude that drives it all home. Jaar’s nasally voice sounds calm and collected, but also like he’s creepily whispering over your shoulder. Now do yourself a huge favor and get totally lost in these sounds – and make sure it’s LOUD.

Keep Me There –

Get it here: Insound
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Dance