Song of the Day #42: The Future Unwritten – “Attachment”

future unwritten put out this fire 2013 relay records

Hailing from Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, THE FUTURE UNWRITTEN have been rocking between both cities since 2006. Put Out This Fire is their debut full-length on their own Relay Records imprint, coming a few years after their first EP Extended Play. The band is influenced by classics such as The Who, The Clash and The Kinks, which is evidenced by their soulful sounding rock and roll on their new album. But despite such influences, the trio still manages to step out of the box and play a number of styles. For example, “Attachment” is a blitzing, punk-infected anthem, dominated by melodic guitar squeals and aggressive hooks. It blows open with a splitting guitar solo, followed by a reggae-tinged breakdown for a jammy final minute. Despite the changes in momentum they never loosen their tight grip – find out by listening below.

Attachment –

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Rock, Punk

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Spider Bags – Shake My Head

Will this be the album where Chapel Hill’s SPIDER BAGS finally get the recognition they deserve? It’s hard to think they couldn’t with such an ambitious offering like Shake My Head, their third full length album from the Odessa Records label in North Carolina. Continue reading “Spider Bags – Shake My Head”

Song of the Day #26: Milk Maid – “Bad Luck”

Manchester band MILK MAID are back with their sophomore LP Mostly No on FatCat Records. Throughout the album, Martin Cohen and the gang do an excellent job at varying their sound from track to track, resulting in pulsing lo-fi surf-rock jammers like “Do Right” or strung-out, folksy acoustic numbers like “New Plans” that could lull you to sleep.

One track in particular, titled “Bad Luck,” is almost like the meeting point between these two conflicting sounds. The song drags along at a medium-to-slow pace with heavy guitar hooks acting as the anchor, which barely allow the song the come up above the surface. Memorable choruses swirl and spin with their uplifting tendencies, eventually trailing off a bit past the middle for a head splitting guitar solo that suddenly emerges above the surface from the heated depths. As the song reaches its ending, we’re met by an infinitely sunny guitar hook that is literally the perfect closing statement for such a wholesome and cohesive song.

The way this all unfolds makes every second of its four minute duration worth it. Listen to the track right below and then do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the LP.

Bad Luck –

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Rock, Pop

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