Baston – Alamo 7″

baston croque macadam 2014 alamo 7

I am not sure what’s going on in France at this point, but Croque Macadam Records in Montrouge has been churning out some great stuff. Their latest is this two-track 7″ from Rennes-based band BASTON. Continue reading “Baston – Alamo 7″”


Ketamines – So Hot! 7″

ketamines so hot! 7 hosehead records 2013

Hosehead Records in Toronto just released the third 7″ in a set of four from the KETAMINES. So Hot! continues their tear of twisted bubblegum pop and leaves it up to Mint Records to complete the artwork of the 4-piece 7″ set. Continue reading “Ketamines – So Hot! 7″”

The Squids – Wizard of Loneliness EP

squids wizard of lonliness ep 2013

Formerly known as Heroes & Heroines, THE SQUIDS just released a new 5-song EP that was tracked and mixed 100% analog. On Wizard of Loneliness they pick up right where they left off from their debut 7″ titled Two Weeks, continuing their run of glimmering garage pop. Continue reading “The Squids – Wizard of Loneliness EP”

Friday’s Find: Ketamines – You Can’t Serve Two Masters

ketamines you can't serve two masters lp 2013 mammoth cave southpaw

After their 2012 debut Spaced Out, the KETAMINES are back with their brand new full-length You Can’t Serve Two Masters. The album comes courtesy of Southpaw Records in the United States and Mammoth Cave Records in Canada, coming in a short run with the first 100 copies on pink vinyl. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Ketamines – You Can’t Serve Two Masters”

Friday’s Find: The Rich Hands – Dreamers

rich hands dreamers lp 2013 fountain records

THE RICH HANDS hail from San Antonio, Texas. The trio released their first 7″, Heartbreaker,” last year, followed by a second 7″ earlier this year titled “Bad Girl.” Now they’re back with their debut long-player Dreamers, released by Detroit-based label Fountain Records, who also put out the bands first two singles. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: The Rich Hands – Dreamers”