TRMRS – Sea Things

TRMRS (pronounced “Tremors”) are a group of four garage psychsters who hail from Orange County, California. Their debut album, “Sea Things”, came out from Resurrection Records this past March and slays in countless ways.

Coming in at eleven tracks in length, this full length is a lethal dose of surfy, gritty garage psych-rock with just the right amount of fuzz to keep you coming back for multiple helpings. These songs feature unorthodox patterns and ass-kicking surprises around every little corner, all done up with their intensive and youthful spirit that extends for miles. They play hard with an original and creative energy that can make heads explode like firecrackers as they pack all of their power into every last punch. All that being said, it’s a mystery how this stuff hasn’t fully caught on yet.

Throughout you will encounter dangerously corrosive and squealing guitars, endless tinny crunch and stomping rhythms that all totally dominate these helpless songs with an overall beaten and destructive complexion. Every last track is worth every second, from the gritty twang of “Hello Self” to the energetic guitar fury of “Green Machine”, with all types of the intoxicating guitar hooks scattered in between the cracks. A fantastic example of this comes in “All I Ever Need” with it’s brutally honest lyrics and dirty guitar licks – a totally relentless garage psych anthem that pummels in so many ways. This is followed by a unique standout amongst the tracks called “Reality Waves (Interlude)”, driven by a bluesy vibe that stems from a spastic little guitar riff played with frantic energy. Soon enough the shuffling jam falters away into a lysergic realm of dripping guitars and an increasingly woozy and strung out vibe to ease the stress for a few minutes.

At this point you should realize what these dudes are capable of, with each of the tracks having their own bizarre twist. The shambolic guitars of “Send Me Down” prove this yet again, where throbbing basses and splintered guitars call all the shots until the last note. Just as quickly as it ends “This Lonely Song” is already shoving itself down your throat, making you question whether or not these bros will ever settle down. The rage just keeps flowing until one last ear shattering banger called “The World”. The racket only continues to get heavier in this rowdy psych-out as they attempt to leave us with a lasting impression to go out on. Throw this thing on while you’re illegally speeding in the car and you won’t feel the need to stop for anything. You can hear the rest of the album by checking out their Bandcamp page.

Hello Self –

Green Machine –

All I Ever Need –

The World –

My Rating: 8.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Surf Rock
Sea Things: Tracklist:
1.) Shorter Days
2.) Hello Self
3.) Green Machine
4.) All I Ever Need
5.) Reality Waves (Interlude)
6.) Send Me Down
7.) This Lonely Song
8.) Well I’m Insane
9.) Leech Nights
10.) Life is Easy
11.) The World

BUY the LP directly from Resurrection Records – limited to 600 !
BUY the TEST PRESSING of the LP – limited to 54 !
TRMRS on Bandcamp – hear the rest of the LP !
TRMRS on Facebook

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