Windshifter – April Showers EP

windshifter april showers ep self released 2015

WINDSHIFTER is the moniker of Chicago-based recording artist Anders Johanson. His debut, the April Showers EP, was just self-released on Bandcamp with cassette tapes planned for the near future.
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Wind Atlas – Lingua Ignota LP

wind atlas lingua ignota lp bfe records 2015

WIND ATLAS hail from Barcelona, Spain. Their sophomore LP Lingua Ignota was just released by Burka For Everybody Records, containing an otherworldly journey of mystical and medieval psychedelic folk.
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Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?

lewis l'amour lp light in the attic 2014

Eric Schlitter writes and operates his own blog The 13th Track. Throwback Thursday is his bi-weekly installment for the Styrofoam Drone, where Eric focuses on reissues of old albums and archival material from the depths of the vinyl underground.

Landing somewhere between mid period Jandek, Scott Walker’s reading of Tennessee Williams’ Blanket Roll Blues, and the soundtrack to a David Lynch film is the mysterious artist known as LEWIS and the album he christened, L’Amour. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?”


Friday’s Find: Ttotals – Spectrums of Light 7″

ttotals spectrums of light 7 twin lakes records 2013

Nashville outer-blues duo TTOTALS just released their first 7″ Spectrums of Light. It comes courtesy of the Twin Lakes Records label in Connecticut, acting as the follow up to the duo’s self-released EP Silver on Black from 2012. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Ttotals – Spectrums of Light 7″”


Young Adults – Born in ’91 EP

young adults born in 91 ep 2013

Last we heard anything new from YOUNG ADULTS of Allston, MA, they were dropping their debut LP in 2010. Now it’s 2013 and they’re back with their new EP Born in ’91 that was released on Valentines Day. Continue reading “Young Adults – Born in ’91 EP”


Mini Dresses – Hot Sun 7″

mini dresses hot sun 7 manic pop 2012

MINI DRESSES are a self-described “bedroom pop” band from Austin, TX. Their new 7″ Hot Sun was just put out by Manic Pop! Records, the second 7″ we’re covering from the Minnesota-based label in two weeks. Continue reading “Mini Dresses – Hot Sun 7″”


Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Motions CS

fluorescent heights tidal motions cs 2013 constellation tatsu

Tidal Motions is right on pace from where FLUORESCENT HEIGHTS (or Henrik Stelzer) left off on his debut LP Tourism from 2011. This is the first of two cassettes from Stelzer so far in 2013. Continue reading “Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Motions CS”