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Windshifter – April Showers EP

windshifter april showers ep self released 2015

WINDSHIFTER is the moniker of Chicago-based recording artist Anders Johanson. His debut, the April Showers EP, was just self-released on Bandcamp with cassette tapes planned for the near future.
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Ttotals – Silver on Black EP

TTOTALS are a duo consisting of Brian Miles and Marty Linville from Nashville, TN. Silver on Black is their newly self-released 10″ EP, giving us all some excellent insight into their own seething brand of psychedelic rock. Continue reading

The Janitors – Head Honcho EP

Last we heard from Stockholm’s THE JANITORS, they had just released their debut EP. Now they’re back with a second offering, this time another staggering EP full of their evil, psyched-out shoegaze. Continue reading

The Box – The Door 7″

THE BOX is offering some twisted electronic stuff with their new 7″ on Plastic Spoons Records. For those who may not know, The Box is now the home of Vincent Bergier, formerly of Crash Normal. Continue reading

War – At War For Youth 7″

The new 7″ single from Copenhagen post-punk band WAR on Sacred Bones is a unique and somewhat puzzling release to say the least. The band includes Elias Bender Rønnenfelt of Iceage and Loke Rahbek of Sexdrome. Continue reading

The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP

THE JANITORS are a psych-drone duo that hail from Stockholm, Sweden. As they claim themselves, they share a love for noise, monotony, and pop songs. As proven by their latest efforts on the Worker Drone Queen EP, we’d have no other choice but to believe them. Continue reading

Fluorescent Heights – Tourism

Henrik Stelzer, otherwise known as FLUORESCENT HEIGHTS, is the man behind the chillingly serene sounds on his debut album “Tourism.” The record comes from Danish label Subsuburban in an edition of 300 on turquoise blue vinyl. Continue reading