War – At War For Youth 7″

The new 7″ single from Copenhagen post-punk band WAR on Sacred Bones is a unique and somewhat puzzling release to say the least. The band includes Elias Bender Rønnenfelt of Iceage and Loke Rahbek of Sexdrome. Continue reading “War – At War For Youth 7″”


The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP

THE JANITORS are a psych-drone duo that hail from Stockholm, Sweden. As they claim themselves, they share a love for noise, monotony, and pop songs. As proven by their latest efforts on the Worker Drone Queen EP, we’d have no other choice but to believe them. Continue reading “The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP”

Pink Reason – Shit in the Garden

Despite the abrasive title (which seems somewhat reminiscent of the garage band “Cumstain” in equalizing linguistic depravity with fantastic jams and vocals, which make their presence known by sticking to everything like gum on a shoe), the final product here induces a much more majestic and calm feeling, providing his best release to date.
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Tearjerker – Strangers Cassette

Described as “hypnagogic pop”, TEARJERKER have successfully created a maelstrom of drone puss, which is elongated by distant campfire like howls, shoegaze puffs of smoke and strange voices offering anecdotal thoughts. They have in essence released a beautiful collection of everybody’s sad aching moments transcribed within the medium of musical scores.
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Fossils – The Golden Door 7″

What’s up people. I didn’t really have anything prepared for today, so I kind of just went searching for anything and took the first thing I could find. I usually don’t do this sort of thing, but time is an issue today. I’m waiting on a good amount of new wax to come in the mail, so don’t get used to this – but more on those things later this week.

With the stuff I have here today, it’s simply going to be a hit or a miss. I’ll say it right up front that the two songs on this 7″ are not for everybody. It might even be a stretch to refer to them as “songs”, let alone music in general. These two tracks are more or less the noisy experimental escapades of David Payne, the main man behind the Fossils moniker since it’s birth in 2004. He’s been putting out countless cassette tapes, CD-R’s, and various formats of vinyl ever since the beginning – see a full comprehensive list right here – and this is apparently one of the latest releases.

I’ll say it again that this stuff isn’t for everybody – it’s definitely more of an acquired taste sort of thing. If you like thought-provoking sounds that paint a strange landscape in your mind, then this could be just for you. Parts of the track “War Puzzle” sound as if you’re standing on an extremely windy runway while an airplane slowly comes down to the ground to make it’s landing. If there’s anything this stuff is going to do for you, it’s bound to paint a vivid picture, as long as you keep an open mind and don’t dismiss the stuff before you’ve even listened all the way. Check out the B-side “War Puzzle” right below. Leave comments too, because I want know what you all think.

War Puzzle –

My Rating: 4.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise, Ambient, Experimental, whathaveyou
The Golden Door 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Golden Door
2.) War Puzzle

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Don’t think this one is left to buy anywhere…it’s limited to 100 from Kye Records