Party Photographers – Let the Red Lights Riot 7″ EP

Today’s band comes from our hometown of Philadelphia, and that usually makes the music all the more interesting. It kind of gives you the feeling that you can reach out and contact these guys if you had to, and chances are you’ll always be nearby when they’re playing a show at home. Unfortunately they don’t have any shows listed at the moment, but we can be patient, right? These hometown-hero’s are going by the name PARTY PHOTOGRAPHERS, and this 7″ EP just happens to be their debut release of any sort! It’s also the debut release for Ian Records, so let’s give them a nice warm welcome.

Party Photographers are a four piece band consisting of two guys and two girls, and their names are Christian, Shane, Elizabeth, and Karlina. I’m not sure which person does what in the band, but together they play these mangled and moody lo-fi pop tunes with enough noise and fuzz to blow your mind. For example, B-side “D.A.F.H.B.” is a hard hitting track with face pounding drums that keep things moving along at a steady pace while the lead singer (Elizabeth or Karlina) urges us to tell her what we’re going through. I think I’d trust her, too. Also on the B-side is the song “Piano Vache”, which I’ve uploaded for you guys to listen below. The lead singers voice (again, Elizabeth or Karlina) sounds blissfully happy over the mix, leaving you with no other option but to smile and sing along with her “Na na na na naaa” harmonies. “It’s just imaginary,” she carelessly reminds us over and over again. The gritty lead guitar licks take her singing to the next level all while this song secretly buries itself under your skin. This was definitely a fantastic way for them to close out their debut 7″, and it leaves me with promising notions for their future releases. Hopefully we’ll hear more from these guys very soon. Check out their Myspace for other songs from the 7″.

Piano Vache –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Noise, Pop, Shoegaze
Let the Red Lights Riot 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Let the Red Lights Riot
2.) Penn Treaty
3.) D.A.F.H.B.
4.) Piano Vache

Party Photographers on Myspace
BUY their 7″ from Ian Records

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