Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather

steve gunn way out weather lp paradise of bachelors 2014

The ghosts of an Old Weird America hover in the atmosphere above STEVE GUNN’s achingly beautiful album, Way Out Weather. From the sustained spectral guitar slides and the groping in the dark piano figures that start the opening track, it’s clear this is a record that’s all about the search.
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Kevin Morby – Still Life

kevin morby still life lp woodsist 2014

Former Woods bassist and Babies’ frontman KEVIN MORBY’s second solo album, Still Life, is a rugged collection of searching, heartbroken, NYC-inspired tunes that from first listen sound instantly familiar. Continue reading “Kevin Morby – Still Life”


Robyn Hitchcock – The Man Upstairs

robyn hitchcock the man upstairs lp yep roc records 2014

It’s December 1996 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. I’m interviewing ROBYN HITCHCOCK pre-show and we’re talking about the afterlife, endorphins, Captain Beefheart and the 1960’s. From the first song on his 1981 debut solo album, The Man Who Invented Himself, to his new 2014 record, The Man Upstairs; concerns about that Man in addition to time, sex, food, death and insects have been some of the psychedelic troubadour’s primary lyrical concerns. Continue reading “Robyn Hitchcock – The Man Upstairs”


Throwback Thursday: Daryl Hall – Sacred Songs

daryl hall sacred songs lp 1980 rca records

“The difference between Pop and Rock ‘n Roll? You might get fucked!” – Robert Fripp.
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Throwback Thursday: Pip Proud – A Fraying Space LP

pip proud a fraying space lp em records 2014

PIP PROUD was a true psychedelic rock pioneer. Some consider him a punk before the term even existed and others consider him the Australian equivalent of Syd Barrett (some have even gone as far as to wonder if Syd might have even knicked a move or two from Mr. Proud). The fine folks at Osaka-based EM Records have done a stellar job with A Fraying Space; which is a collection of both previously unissued and otherwise difficult to get material drawn mainly from Pip’s prime 1960’s output. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Pip Proud – A Fraying Space LP”


Friday’s Find: White Fence – Cyclops Reap

white fence cyclops reap lp 2013 castle face records

Tim Presley, the California musician who records as WHITE FENCE, has just released his newest full-length album Cyclops Reap on Castle Face Records. Presley continues to evolve as a songwriter and the proof is in all 37 minutes of this mysteriously wild and acid-fueled ride. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: White Fence – Cyclops Reap”


Their Only Dreams – Calculator in the Sky 7″

their only dreams adult contemporary man 7 white iris 2012

One man band THEIR ONLY DREAMS is fronted by David Lyudmirsky. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, White Iris Records just dropped his debut 7″ Calculator in the Sky in November. Continue reading “Their Only Dreams – Calculator in the Sky 7″”