Their Only Dreams – Calculator in the Sky 7″

their only dreams adult contemporary man 7 white iris 2012

One man band THEIR ONLY DREAMS is fronted by David Lyudmirsky. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, White Iris Records just dropped his debut 7″ Calculator in the Sky in November. Continue reading “Their Only Dreams – Calculator in the Sky 7″”


Gavin Guss – Riga in the Fall 7″

GAVIN GUSS drops his brand new single Riga in the Fall from Fin Records out in Seattle. It’s far from the kind of sound we’re used to around here but a change of pace never hurt anybody. Continue reading “Gavin Guss – Riga in the Fall 7″”

Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

Releasing his first record on the Drag City imprint, TY SEGALL unleashes what is officially his fifth full length album to the masses. Now at this point we can only hope he keeps doing what he does best, which means we don’t have anything to worry about. Continue reading “Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread”

Song of the Day #15: Mavis the Dog

Recently discovered Philly bro Scott Olsen fronts the solo bedroom project MAVIS THE DOG. Olsen just released his second album, cleverly titled “The Second Album” on a series of 100 red cassette tapes, released entirely by himself. There isn’t a spot to buy this release physically, but you can just as easily download it for free by checking the Mavis the Dog blogspot. Olsen primarily enlists help from his guitar, a drumset and his own voice, occasionally branching out with some piano, harmonica and bass for good measure. These two songs below sound equally breezy and easy-going, encapsulating what the rest of the album might sound like to the listener. “Not All Things Must Past” sways along for a solid two minutes before breaking off into a quivering and carnivalesque guitar lead, while “End of Our Day” is a free-flowing and optimistic jam dominated by joyous pianos.

End of Our Day –

Not All Things Must Pass –

Mavis the Dog on Blogspot

Get it here: Free Download on Mediafire
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Bedroom Pop, Singer-Songwriter