Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: New Wave, Punk Rock/Ska, Singer-Songwriter

Okay, so if you don’t think you know who Joe Jackson is before reading this post, then go to YouTube and listen to THIS song for a second. Yeah, that’s Joe Jackson, and personally, I hate that song. You may even know another Joe Jackson song thanks to the folks over at Taco Bell, because I’ve recently seen a Taco Bell commercial featuring THIS song. I know what you’re thinking. A Joe Jackson song is being used for a Taco Bell commercial? Yeah, very weird. At least that’s what I thought. But moving on…

These two songs I have already mentioned above come from Joe Jackson’s debut album, titled “Look Sharp!”. This album came out back in 1979, and it features one of Joe Jackson’s best known tracks, called “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”. As I already mentioned, I don’t really like this song, but the rest of the album is surely worth your time. Most of the albums lyrics are about love, break-ups, and women, but I assure you, it’s still a good album. For example, the 2nd track “Sunday Papers” is undeniably catchy, with it’s ever-changing bassline. “Happy Loving Couples” is another solid track, and I like how Jackson continues to say “You ain’t no friends of mine” at the end until he is cut off by some dude that says, “Alright that’s enough!”. Moving onto the titled track “Look Sharp!”, this track switches back and forth from a punk rock song to a reggae song, and then it takes another unexpected turn around 1:40 when the piano comes in to break things down. The next track “Fool’s in Love” is definitely a reggae/ ska song in itself, while the guitar in the next track “(Do the) Instant Mash” makes it a rock song before anything else. If any song from the album is going to get stuck in your head, it’s the next track called “Pretty Girls”. Thanks to the spastic bass line and Jackson’s “doo doo wopa doo doo wopa” chant, I can guarantee you this song will get stuck in your head. Find out for yourself right now, the track is just below. Be sure to also listen to the albums closing track “Got the Time” with its fast paced, upbeat action and the funky bass solo. Don’t forget to give the bonus tracks some lovin’ too. Hey, that’s all for today! Thanks for reading, and check back yet again tomorrow!

Joe Jackson – “Pretty Girls”

Look Sharp! – Tracklist
1. “One More Time” – 3:15
2. “Sunday Papers” – 4:22
3. “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” – 3:33
4. “Happy Loving Couples” – 3:08
5. “Throw it Away” – 2:49
6. “Baby Stick Around” – 2:36
7. “Look Sharp!” – 3:23
8. “Fools in Love” – 4:23
9. “(Do the) Instant Mash” – 3:12
10. “Pretty Girls” – 2:55
11. “Got the Time” – 2:55
12. “Don’t Ask Me” – 2:44 (bonus)
13. “You Got the Fever” – 3:37 (bonus)

Joe Jackson – Official Website
Look Sharp! – BUY

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