Song of the Day #15: Mavis the Dog

Recently discovered Philly bro Scott Olsen fronts the solo bedroom project MAVIS THE DOG. Olsen just released his second album, cleverly titled “The Second Album” on a series of 100 red cassette tapes, released entirely by himself. There isn’t a spot to buy this release physically, but you can just as easily download it for free by checking the Mavis the Dog blogspot. Olsen primarily enlists help from his guitar, a drumset and his own voice, occasionally branching out with some piano, harmonica and bass for good measure. These two songs below sound equally breezy and easy-going, encapsulating what the rest of the album might sound like to the listener. “Not All Things Must Past” sways along for a solid two minutes before breaking off into a quivering and carnivalesque guitar lead, while “End of Our Day” is a free-flowing and optimistic jam dominated by joyous pianos.

End of Our Day –

Not All Things Must Pass –

Mavis the Dog on Blogspot

Get it here: Free Download on Mediafire
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Bedroom Pop, Singer-Songwriter

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