Polish Club – Singles

polish club singles 2015

Formed late last year in Syndey, let us welcome POLISH CLUB to the United States. With only three songs to their name and two members to the band, Polish Club has perked the ears of the local listeners and will inevitably attract more with their looming debut album in the works. Continue reading “Polish Club – Singles”


Polly Pockets – Weird Floor Head Face

POLLY POCKETS uses her drum machine, an acoustic guitar, and just the right amount of weirdness to create quite peculiar, airy and delicate songs. She’s got plenty of free downloads on her Bandcamp page, and this is her latest batch to date. Continue reading “Polly Pockets – Weird Floor Head Face”

Nothing – Last Day in Bouville

Forming right within the city limits of Philadelphia comes NOTHING. They’re a self-described “shoegaze” band with their first recorded single now under their belt. These guys opened up for Creepoid the other night, and it was a surprising and refreshing performance. Continue reading “Nothing – Last Day in Bouville”

Voyageurs – Nude Vegas

Coming out just before the new year was VOYAGEURS second official set of songs “Nude Vegas”. The band had added a new keyboard player to their lineup, and hence they decided to record their songs once more with their new keyboardist. Everything you hear was recorded in a live setting somewhere in the town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Continue reading “Voyageurs – Nude Vegas”

Oldermost – Oldermost

Coming from the Fishtown area of North Philadelphia, I am more than pleased to present you with OLDERMOST. These guys are one of the newest bands coming from Philly these days, and their first batch of songs here are beyond worthy of some attention. So stick around to see just what they’re all about. Continue reading “Oldermost – Oldermost”

The Dodos – Live from Akropolis, Prague

Here is a band I know I haven’t heard much about lately. I think the last time I heard anything about the Dodos was when they released their third album “Time to Die” and that they had added a third band member to play the vibraphone. The album came out back on September 15th, so yeah, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve heard from the Dodos. Which makes this brand new live album all the more special. Upon first discovering they had a live album, it was pretty exciting, because the Dodos put on a hell of a live show, and it would be great to capture their intensity and give everybody the chance to hear them live. Long freaking out on his guitar, Kroeber never missing a beat on his drum set…seeing the Dodos should be high up on your list of priorities.

Now when it didn’t look like things could get any better, they still did. The album is 10 full tracks long, clocking in at just under an hour of time, and every last track comes from their epic, freak-out packed sophomore album “Visiter”. The live album features all of the greats from “Visiter”, including freak-folk jam outs like “Joe’s Waltz”, “Paint the Rust”, and “Jodi”, and then a few of the more laid back tracks from the record, such as the opener “Walking”, the 2008 single “Fools”, “Ashley”, and “Winter”. If you can’t wait any longer, you should swing on over to THIS website so you can download you’re copy of the live album – you just need to give them an e-mail address. It’s that simple. If you’re still not sure, why not check out the few songs I have uploaded for you below? And if that’s not enough, you should definitely check out the Dodos while they’re on tour with the New Pornographers (they’re coming to Philadelphia on June 21st). You can check out their tour dates on their Myspace.

Fools –

Paint the Rust –

Jodi –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Freak Folk, Pop, Live
Live from Akropolis, Prague: Tracklist
1.) Walking
2.) Red and Purple / Eyelids
3.) Fools
4.) Joe’s Waltz
5.) Winter
6.) It’s That Time Again
7.) Paint the Rust
8.) Jodi
9.) Ashley
10.) The Season

The Dodos on Myspace
Download your copy of the brand new live album HERE