Yuzo Iwata – Daylight Moon

yuzo itawa daylight moon lp siltbreeze records 2018Daylight Moon is largely an instrumental record by YUZO IWATA, focusing on textures and instrumental soundscapes. It’s more like a band trying to paint you a picture rather than tell you a story. Released by the Siltbreeze Records label based in Philadelphia, the record comes in just a short edition of 250 pieces and likely will not be around for long.

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Magic & Naked/ Duck Duck Grey Duck – Split 7″

magic and naked duck duck grey duck 7 six tonnes de chair records 2015

Six Tonnes de Chair Records in France has a newly released split 7″ to share. They’ve brought together the space rock wizardy of two Switzerland-based psych bands with DUCK DUCK GREY DUCK and MAGIC & NAKED.
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Inutili – Music to Watch the Clouds On a Sunny Day 12″

inutili music to watch the clouds on a sunny day 12 ep aagoo records 2014

Aagoo Records is gearing up to release a new 12″ from noisy Italian psych-outs INUTILI. Music to Watch the Clouds On a Sunny Day is two tracks long, exploding with nearly 40 minutes of murky, blown-out acid rock.
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Hallogallo 2010 – Blinkgürtel 7″

So I recently saw this 7″ in a record store in Philly, but I didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know this music would turn up on the interweb right before my eyes, almost like a sign that I should have picked it up that day at the record store. Well no more wondering what could have been, because I have the music here for you guys today, and I must say that this stuff totally caught me off guard. Definitely didn’t know what to expect before listening, but I can say right away that this stuff rules. If you were already aware of this, then I’m sure you know the story behind it – follow this link (or the one below) with more information if yr curious!

Opening track “Blinkgürtel” has it all – sonic textures, heavy face-melting guitars, clashing tom-driven drumming, a pulsing bass line – these elements joined together create a hell of an intoxicating song, and it forces you to sit right down in the middle of everything and do your best to figure it all out. There’s definitely a mysterious vibe weaved in, but there’s also an element of simplicity that is genuinely breathtaking. I say breathtaking because a song with such limited instrumentation still manages to go so in depth, and you’re there left wondering how on Earth this stuff got so intense. At first you didn’t think anything of it, but before you know it it’s already sucked you in and there’s nothing you can do but crack the Hallogallo code. Which I am still attempting to do myself. Do yourself the awesome favor of listening to “Blinkgürtel”, and hopefully it’ll get some thoughts brewing in your skull. You should in turn leave those thoughts in the comments section directly below this post.

Blinkgürtel –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Krautrock, Experimental, Instrumental
Blinkgurtel 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Blinkgurtel
2.) Drone Schlager

Hallogallo 2010 on Last.fm
BUY the 7″ directly from Insound !
Find some more info. right here

The Ills – Lost Trams EP

When I was surfing around the web trying to find some information about this band, I didn’t get very far. Most of the descriptions across the web are just copy-and-paste descriptions that seem to be used in every necessary place you could think of. The description I am talking about can be found on their Myspace page, and even on their Last.fm page. Unfortunately for me, this is all I know about the band, so just regurgitating the material certainly isn’t fun or entertaining to read.

So this is the Ills in a nutshell: Their name came about as a joke after they made their first song in September 2008, and since then they’ve gained momentum, found their own sound, and began playing shows in their hometown of Bratislava, Slovakia. Fun. Now here they are today putting out their most recent EP after putting out their first one back in September of 2009. I haven’t listened to the first EP, but the latest one is a beautiful, thought-evoking album in which they force you to paint a picture in your head to go along with the music. Along with that, their music also creates an environment, (known as a soundscape/dreamscape to some), and it’s as dreamy and lethargic as you could hope for and the second track “Vulnerable” is a prime example of this. The following track “To Go Through the Silence” also fits into this category as well, until about halfway through they suddenly kick things up and the cymbals crash until we’re at the end of the song. The opening track “Immense” is a bit different from these other two, and you can hear it for yourself right below. The final 7-minute track “Broken Wheel on the Ambulance Car” is more electronically dominated than the rest of the songs, resulting in an electrified atmosphere present throughout the entire song. You shouldn’t waste any more time listening to what I have though – download the EP through the link below and find out for yourself! Happy listening!

Immense –

Vulnerable –

My Rating: 6/10
Genre/ Tags: Instrumental, Post-Rock, Shoegaze
Lost Trams EP: Tracklist
1.) Immense
2.) Vulnerable
3.) To Go Through the Silence
4.) Broken Wheel on the Ambulance Car

The Ills on Myspace
Download the “Lost Trams” EP right HERE directly from the EXITlabel
Download their first EP right HERE

The Samps – The Samps EP

So with all of the recent chillwave stuff we’ve been seeing and hearing, it only seems appropriate that the Samps are putting out their debut EP. The EP is due out on Mexican Summer and should be available by June 15th, and it’s filled to the brim with danceable pop tracks, ranging from bent disco pop, dance-club electronica, and possibly even a bit of techno/house music. It also seems as if the songs were completely submerged underwater – they add this extra layer of summery haze over top of the whole project, almost as if this EP was made for Summer, and now this is our result. This groovy EP is bound to put a smile on your face as it forces you to get up and move without giving you any other options. As many other reviews go on to say, they cover quite an array of pop music in their short 15 time span, and the sounds they capture is enough to send you through a loop and keep you coming back for more.

The EP kicks off on the oddly named “Wizards Sleeve”, and if your first listen was anything like mine, then you’re going to be completely lost when this song starts. It goes through a few different sections at first, including manic laughter and otherworldly sounds, but they finally get to their point with a floating keyboard and magical sounding landscape, and once you’re finally comfortable with how it sounds, they change it up and it’s time for track two. This one is called “F.X.N.C.”, and I don’t know exactly what it stands for, but this track is a mess of all sorts of crazy sounds and effects that could literally lift you up out of your seat and put you into outer-space…that is, if you’re mind wants to take you there. The mangled bass lines are enough to keep your attention, not to mention the glowing, shimmering sounds they used to create soundscape-like songs rather than just individual dance gems. Following up is the longest song from the EP, “Yellow Jacket”. This tracks falls a bit more on the funky side, and you can hear it clearly through the slap-bass and whatever else qualifies to you as being “funky”. I’m finding it very difficult to not bounce my head along to the beat while listening to this funked out tune. This sounds like music you would hear on another planet or something, it’s nuts.

Skipping ahead to what would be the B-side of this EP, now we’re on the track “Hyperbolic”. “Hyperbolic” starts off with classic computer-sounding beeps and bops as the song continues to get more and more complex. I think it’s safe to say that I still feel like I’m floating around in space somewhere on this one. I think that’s a feeling that’s difficult to get away from while listening to this EP, too. Just picture a dance floor and people going totally ape-shit as they dance and dance without another single care in the world. That is this song. Last on the EP would be the track “Peppergood”, which again brings forth the funky rhythms and that immediately recognizable slap-bass. It’s just too good to ignore, seriously. This is probably my favorite part of the EP right here too. They end it on a good note, and they do it all without ever giving you a chance to think otherwise. If you like dancing and having a good time, this EP is certainly for you. See what you think by listening to the tracks below! Enjoy! And seriously, tonight’s our night. LET’S GO FLYERS!!

F.X.N.C. –

Yellow Jacket –

Peppergood –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dance, Instrumental
The Samps EP: Tracklist
1.) Wizards Sleeve
2.) F.X.N.C.
3.) Yellow Jacket
4.) Thys
5.) Hyperbolic
6.) Peppergood

The Samps on Myspace!
Download music by the Samps for free from RCRD LBL
Download the EP digitally from Mexican Summer, or wait until June 15th and order the vinyl!

Boogie Boarder – Pizza Hero

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Instrumental, Noise Rock, Surf

Hello! I hope everybody’s Record Store Day went well and you all got the releases you wanted! Now, I’ve started posts off like this in the past, but doesn’t everybody like to be surprised at some point in their day? That’s just what this album “Pizza Hero” did to me. Other than knowing that these guys were an instrumental band, I can’t say I knew much else before listening. With that being said, I absolutely love being completely caught off guard when listening to music, and it’s not an everyday thing that happens either, but “Pizza Hero” certainly does the trick.

The first track “Sparks” wastes no time getting things started. Before you know it you’re in the midst of a full on musical assault with pulsating bass lines and relentless guitar hooks, all while you’re still trying to figure out “Where the hell did this band come from?” Well, believe it or not, they come from Brooklyn, New York, but as far as bands go these days, that’s old news. The next track on the album, “Bio Hassle”, is surely worth your time, with it’s quick stop/start action, grimy sounding bass lines, and electrically charged guitar solos. The best way to hear this song would probably be through their ridiculously fun music video, where they play in a van full of balloons, smash guitars, and eat watermelon. Towards the end they have an all-out party in the back of the van complete with cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and pizza that seems to be flying anywhere but the eaters mouths. Watch the debauchery below.

Moving on from “Bio Hassle” gets you into the “Pig Pile” two-part suite that play into each other almost perfectly. The first slower half ends with some awesome descending guitar hooks, while during the second half is when things start to get fast and crazy. They turn up the intensity about a minute in, where you can definitely hear the use of some vocal harmonies, which adds a nice touch to the song.

Just like the two “Pig Pile” tracks, other highlights include “Bummers Begin”, “Little Giants”, and the epic closing track “USRA”. All in all, “Pizza Hero” clocks in at just about 30 minutes of time, and if you’re looking for a very enjoyable half-hour of your day, then “Pizza Hero” is the way to go. Thanks for reading, and check back soon – Real Estate is tonight.

Pizza Hero: Tracklist
1.) Sparks
2.) Bio Hassle
3.) Pig Pile Part I
4.) Pig Pile Part II
5.) Bummers Begin
6.) Little Giants
7.) Dirty Gary
8.) USRA

Boogie Boarder on Myspace
BUY Boogie Boarder stuff directly from Famous Class

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

My Rating:
Genre/ Tags: Funk, Japanese, Jazz, Instrumental

Hello friends. How is everyone doing today? It would seem as if my post yesterday about joining our Last.fm group actually paid off, because we got ONE new member! Awesome! Thanks Mike! One is better than none right?

Today I have something that’s a bit different than usual. It was a bit difficult to find out any specific information on this band, but that doesn’t really matter. The name of the band is Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, and they come from the wonderful land of Japan. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe it’s a group of 6 guys, all from Japan, who all bring their own special contributions to the music. The band features a trumpet, a tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums, and an organ/keyboards player, but none of the guys do the singing. The record is completely instrumental without any vocals, but the hard and heavy instrumentation makes up for it. Normally, in my experiences, people are turned off by a band when it doesn’t feature any type of singing or vocals, but I think Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro would be an exception for a lot of people. With their funky grooves and relentless approach, it’s kind of hard to deny this sound. I think many people would find themselves moving along with the music somehow only after hearing it for a short time. It has that ability to just sort of bring you along for the funky ride, but you can never be too sure where the funk is going to lead you. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself playing a track over for a second and third time, and by the time that’s over you probably still wouldn’t have had enough. To give it a try for yourself, I have uploaded a few tracks from the album to share with you guys, but I warn you, these tunes are tough to get out of your head once they’re in there. So good luck with that.

The Bunch

Don’t Touch, Just Watch Me!

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro: Tracklist
1.) Time Has Come
2.) Yellow Soul Force
3.) The Changes
4.) The Bunch
5.) Interlude
6.) Baggy Pants
7.) Don’t Touch, Just Watch Me!
8.) DFT
9.) Interlude
10.) Big Pig Affair
11.) Blues of the Kilimanjaro
12.) Black Dog, Black Cat, Black Bird
13.) Eastwood Magic City
14.) Why Am I Standing Here?

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Official Website!
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro on Myspace!
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro group on Facebook