Windshifter – April Showers EP

windshifter april showers ep self released 2015

WINDSHIFTER is the moniker of Chicago-based recording artist Anders Johanson. His debut, the April Showers EP, was just self-released on Bandcamp with cassette tapes planned for the near future.
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Scott Walker and Sunn O))) – Soused

scott walker sunn 0))) soused lp 4ad 2014

It’s an album that begins with a beating and ends with a suicide. SUNN O))) and SCOTT WALKER’s collaborative album, Soused, is certainly one that’s drenched with the heavy feedback layers of Scott’s new robe-wearing doom-metal compatriots. Continue reading “Scott Walker and Sunn O))) – Soused”

Song of the Day #41: The Janitors – “Nevereverism”

the janitors drone head lp 2013 nevereverism sotd

It was only a matter of time before THE JANITORS first two EPs would be pressed to vinyl. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz Records in the UK, both of their digital EPs from 2012 are now available as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Fancy! The record officially drops on July 15th, including all 10 tracks from their EPs as well as some remixes and a brand new, previously unreleased track titled “Nevereverism.” Remixes include versions of Janitors songs from Al Lover, Strssmmt and the Janitors themselves, giving us a refreshing spin on some familiar tracks. Aside from those, “Nevereverism” naturally becomes a highlight on this double-vinyl. It boasts a sweeping haze that doesn’t let go for nearly six full minutes. As it all grows we encounter a perpetual stream of glowing guitars, followed by chanted vocals that echo and slither out from the shadows. The colorful buzz continues to saturate the air, at times sounding like a heavier Spacemen 3 as we simmer in the murky swirl. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing affair, and hopefully you weren’t expecting anything less from these Stockholm psych-outs. Listen to the song right below!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone

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Song of the Day #25: Deathtram – “Vultures”

For those who may not know, DEATHTRAM are a currently evolving psych-drone outfit from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. By the looks of their videos, the band is comprised of at least five different members which is probably what helps give them their huge, sweeping psychedelic sound.

Their new self-titled cassette on Error Records is an excellent example of this all taking place. Begin with the opening track “Vultures” and you will slowly but surely learn what Deathtram are all about. The song unfolds somewhat slowly, with a constant searing guitar lick lurking in the background. On top of that, we’re guided along by that hypnotic bass line, which combines with the whirlwind of menacing, metallic guitar madness and begins to swallow us whole – now the track is beginning to take form with all of it’s soaring qualities. A bit past the halfway mark they lay it on heavy, combining all of the elements into one heart-stopping psychedelic mess that will knock you on your ass.

You’ve been warned. Go check out the rest of the cassette on the Deathtram Bandcamp if you’re looking for more beatings like this. Then go and buy the cassette – it’s only $2!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone, Shoegaze, Trance

BUY the cassette directly from Error Records – limited to 50, for only $2 !!!
Deathtram on Tumblr
Deathtram on Bandcamp

The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP

THE JANITORS are a psych-drone duo that hail from Stockholm, Sweden. As they claim themselves, they share a love for noise, monotony, and pop songs. As proven by their latest efforts on the Worker Drone Queen EP, we’d have no other choice but to believe them. Continue reading “The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP”

Royal Baths – Baths 7″

ROYAL BATHS is a three piece band hailing from San Francisco, California. Their name was originally just The Baths, but they changed it up to avoid confusion with the other California band Baths. If you ask me, Royal Baths sounds better anyway, so good move. These guys just put out their debut LP from the Woodsist label in September, which means slowly but surely this band will start clawing it’s way up the popularity scale – because that’s what awesome labels do, right? Speaking of awesome labels, they also have an upcoming 7″ from Hozac Records as well. But the 7″ we have here today is different – before the LP that just came out, this looks like it was their only official release.

The 7″ we’re talking about today comes from Rad Key Records, and it doesn’t look like you can pick this one up anywhere besides Royal Baths shows. It’s got two songs – neither of which are on the new LP – and their both equally dark and menacing, with lyrics like “learning to laugh at the black in my soul,” and “I think of death and murder, all the time.”

While that’s certainly depressing even out of context, just wait until you hear it paired with the music. This is foreboding, downer-rock at it’s finest, and the added factor of morbid lyrics only helps progress the authenticity of the lifeless, decaying moods found within the songs. Strangely enough, if you can get past the downer qualities, these jangly songs will find their way under your skin. Which is a great thing, because now I want to check out that full length from Woodsist – which is exactly what a 7″ should make you want to do. Maybe we can talk about that soon. Check out the A-side “Be Afraid of Me” right below, and then head to their Myspace where you can hear the B-side “Black Sheep”. One more thing – it sounds like these guys could put on a rad live show.

Be Afraid of Me –

My Rating: 6.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Drone
Baths 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Be Afraid of Me
2.) Black Sheep

Royal Baths on Myspace
Royal Baths on
Check out their debut full length from Woodsist