Slumb Party – s/t EP

slumb party st ep erste theke tontraeger 2018German DIY punk label Erste Theke Tontraeger have touted some excellent bands over the years – Warm Bodies, Woodboot, Pretty Hurts, Lumpy & the Dumpers, Vanna Inget, The Gotobeds… As you can see they scour the world in order to scour your brains. Yet it’s hard to believe that they haven’t gone with a UK act…until now.



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Piss Factory / Hearts and Rockets – Split 7″

piss factory hearts and rockets split 7 psychic powers 377 psychic hysteria records 2018It’s so good that SD is back, isn’t it? Ah we have missed it…To open up my bank account, I will kick off with the first split release from Australian label Psychic Hysteria. The 7″ features two short, sharp blasts of punk madness from beautifully damaged trio PISS FACTORY (named after the seminal Patti Smith song I assume) and bratwave duo HEARTS & ROCKETS (FKA Heat Wave; changed after one of those ugly cease and desist letters clattered through their letterbox recently. Why can’t we all get along? Ah well…)

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Feathers – Hunter’s Moon

Female four-piece Feathers (unintentional alliteration!) hail from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Having essentially had three incarnations over their half-decade existence, it has been interesting to witness their evolution. First starting out as a trio, then losing a drummer, picking up a new drummer and a bass-player, the progression of the band is inevitable. Yet as they release new album Hunter’s Moon through ace local label Bon Voyage, Feathers are intent to showcase how far they have come – and as a time capsule highlighting the genesis of the band up to today, the album succeeds admirably. Continue reading “Feathers – Hunter’s Moon”

The Growlers/ Thee Ludds – Palmist Split 12″

FatCat Records’ subsidiary label Palmist Records are hitting home run after home run with their slew of split releases, and their sixth concoction keeps the good times rolling. The two bands in question this time around are LA deviants THE GROWLERS and Leicester, England’s nascent degenerates THEE LUDDS. Continue reading “The Growlers/ Thee Ludds – Palmist Split 12″”

Otro Mundo – Jellied CS

Tempe, Arizona may not be a prolific area for expansive noise, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, if Otro Mundo is any indication, there may just be a rich, black seam of anarchic sludge pop bubbling just underneath the surface, waiting for a sonic Daniel Plainview to ruthlessly suck it up like a milkshake. Continue reading “Otro Mundo – Jellied CS”