Hot Off the Press: White Ass, The Mad Doctors, Aaron & the Burrs

white ass st lp kizmiaz records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: We’ve got a new 12″ LP from WHITE ASS in France (Kizmiaz Records), THE MAD DOCTORS of Brooklyn, NY are readying their debut LP (King Pizza Records), and AARON & the BURRS have a new 7″ that is a split release from Feral Kid and UT Records.

White Ass – s/t LP: Kizmiaz Records in Nantes, France has a new 12″ platter from White Ass, a project consisting of members of the Feeling of Love, Crash Normal and Pierre & Bastien. White Ass is loaded with 10 cuts of blistering punk, characterized by crusty guitars and reverberated vocals for a completely blown out mess. “Around” recalls a similar type of insanity that is executed by fellow French band Catholic Spray, while “Frozen Eyes” is a dirgy blues burner with a dragging rhythm. “C’est La Merde” is loaded with some high-voltage guitar soloing, backed by gritty chants of “you don’t want to see my face.” Needless to say, this material is dirty and deliciously sloppy – you can snag the LP now.

Aaron & the Burrs – Release the Bats 7″: Aaron & the Burrs release the bats 7 feral kid records 2014 hotp These songs don’t need vocals because the guitars do all the talking. Loaded with feel-good surf tones generated by the groovy lead guitar, both of these songs are exploding with pleasantly melodic tendencies. Fuzzy bass lines rumble beneath the glow, providing just a touch of grit to two instrumental surf-pop classics from “the only surf band that matters.” The 7″ is a split release from Buffalo-based labels Feral Kid and UT Records, limited to 500 pieces with 3 different color covers. Prepare to be instantaneously hooked to these two tracks.

The Mad Doctors – Snake Oil Superscience LP: mad doctors snake oil superscience lp king pizza records 2014 hotp Brooklyn’s sewer-surfing superstars finally have a full-length album to their name. Snake Oil Superscience is released by King Pizza Records on October 10th, oozing with eight fresh tracks of obliterating psychedelic surf trash. Their sound is destructively gritty, interwoven with vintage-sounding audio clips that they recorded all on their own to avoid copyright issues. Listen to “Slug Shake Armageddon,” which is bursting with angular surf guitars and Dr. Seth Applebaum’s bold, soulful croon.

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