The Living Eyes – Guilty Pleasures 7″

living eyes guilty pleasure 7 agitated records 2014

Since we’re going to be behind on covering their new LP, we thought we’d backtrack to THE LIVING EYES last record of 2014 – their Guilty Pleasures 7″ for Agitated Records.

It’s been awhile right? Well welcome back, and here goes nothin’!

We’ve deemed it a real problem that we haven’t covered the Living Eyes here since 2013. We haven’t gotten our hands on the new LP (hint hint if you have the hook up), but that should change sooner than later. Agitated Records has always been getting in on the Australian stuff and they’re continuing that in 2015. They just released the Living Eyes sophomore LP Living Large, but it was only a few months prior they released Guilty Pleasures too. The new 7″ contains two songs that are not a far cry from their previous single on Goodbye Boozy, however they do hold their differences.

Sound quality is cleaner overall here, but Billy Gardner’s vocals are still as scuzzy and static-y as anything else you’ve heard. These two cuts of searing punk are loaded with dirty guitar squeals and tinny, melodic hooks. Both show a band just realizing their powers. “Guilty Pleasures” rumbles open, paving the way for hair-raising, lightning-like guitars that strike the ground beneath your feet. “Low Life” is an optimistic little tune with hook-heavy guitars and plenty of addicting melodies. It’s hard not to want to sing along, but you’ll have to decipher Gardner’s raspy words first. Be sure to stream it below, because you won’t find it anywhere else 😉

PS: We’re very happy to be making a comeback. Thanks for all the nice things we read over the past few months. See ya next week!

Low Life –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Pop
Guilty Pleasure 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Guilty Pleasure
2.) Low Life

BUY the 7″ from (USA) or Arcade Sound (EU)

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