Top 10 EP’s of 2011

After another memorable holiday weekend, we are pleased to bring you the next edition of our year end wrap up. We are now focusing on the Top 10 EP’s of 2011, which will be followed by the Top 25 LP’s later this week. Thanks for viewing and be sure to stay tuned for more!


Honorable Mentions:

Heavy Times – Too Many Dreamers EP (Dinosaur Club)
Burning Yellows/ The Whines – Palmist Split 12″ (Palmist Records)
White Denim – Takes Place in Your Work Space EP (Downtown Music)
Purling Hiss/ Puffy Areolas – Record Store Day 12″ (Permanent Records)


The Holydrug Couple – Ancient Land EP
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Track 1:
This Chilean duo keeps a mysterious vibe hidden within their spiritual psych rock. There’s no telling what we might hear next, however if it sticks to the trend that these underground Chilean bands have been following we should have another awesome record to listen to.

Purling Hiss – Lounge Lizards EP
Label: Mexican Summer
Track 2:
Philadelphia-native Mike Polizze has been experimenting with this snarling type of acid-rock for longer than we think. His first self-titled record came out in 2009, so by now it probably makes sense that he gets better with each release he churns out. “Lounge Lizards” has no trouble sticking to that pattern.

Brain Idea – Cosmos Factory EP
Label: Mexican Summer
Track 2:
Even after the release of this EP it seems like Brain Idea are still overlooked by many. Not sure what the problem might be, but we’re certainly not on that same boat. After their debut LP and now this EP, Brain Idea seem like they’re just getting started. With their vast and twangy landscapes, there’s bound to be more up their sleeve for 2012.

White Laces – s/t EP
Label: Shdwply Records
Track 5:
White Laces and their coarse, threatening psych-rock really hit the spot earlier this year, but calling it psych-rock is just a bit too easy. It’s their invigorating wave of atmospheric guitar ambiance that makes these five songs so memorable and destructive. The end result: songs swallow you whole while keeping you aching for more of their refreshing psychedelic outbursts.

Cosmonauts – New Psychic Denim EP
Label: Burger Records
Track 1:
Cosmonauts definitely had a busy 2011. The cassette release of “New Psychic Denim” was just business as usual for both the band and the renowned Burger Records. This cassette fleshes out their discography with plenty more head-splitting garage rock plagued by their endlessly relentless psychedelic strobe textures.

Crystal Stilts – Radiant Door EP
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Track 2:
Crystal Stilts dropped this one at the tail end of 2011. The EP almost seems like the missing link between “Alight of Night” and “In Love With Oblivion” but forget about chronology. Their lush and kaleidoscopic indie-pop continues to hit a soft spot so hopefully that translates over to 2012.

Estrogen Highs – Cycles EP
Label: Safety Meeting Records
Track 7:
Of all the records we put in every one of these lists, it seems like this EP was officially the one that slipped our memory the most. Simplicity and attitude is the name of the game for these garage rockers – songs like “Kings Run Errands (For Me)” and “This Mild Delusion” will only help show the intensity that they possess.

Trust – Bulbform 12″ EP
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Track 1:
As we’ve said before, Trust took electronic music by storm this year. Their latest release on Sacred Bones is no exception. “Bulbform” continues their stunning array of dark and twisted electronic music, to the point where curiosity and impatience got the absolute best of us. Word on the street is that we should have a full-length album come February, so we’ll see what happens.

Pure X – You’re In It Now EP
Label: Acéphale Records/ Light Lodge
Track 4:
At this point it seems unlikely that this Austin trio doesn’t win over their listeners with each longing and luscious track that passes. A repress of the earliest Pure X (or Pure Ecstasy back then) single gives us just another reason to add them to our year end lists. Throw in the previously unreleased “Back Where I Began” and it’s a done deal.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream EP
Label: Forest Family Records
Track 1:
The thing that separates Keep Shelly in Athens from other chillwave bands is their ambition. They dropped two excellent EP’s – one right after the other – and a 7″ through 2011. That being said you can gather that they’re a busy bunch. On top of that they landed their first string of shows in the US, not to mention the fact that every one of their records sells out in the blink of an eye. If that’s not a red flag that these guys are doing something right then there’s no hope in changing your mind.


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