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Memory Motel – Wasted Days 7″

MEMORY MOTEL is still a fairly new band out of Reno, Nevada. They’re a spaced-out group of youngsters (as young as 16 years up to 20) specializing in a hazy strand of conflicted space-rock. Continue reading


Creepoid/ Shores – No Idea Split 7″

CREEPOID and SHORES joined forces for a split 7″ released by No Idea Records for this past Record Store Day. Both bands include a track apiece which gives us some insight to their current status. Continue reading

White Laces/ Arches – Worthless Junk 7″

Coming from the Worthless Junk label is both WHITE LACES and Philly-locals ARCHES first release on 7″ vinyl, offering up a track each for an interesting dichotomy of sounds. Continue reading

White Magic – White Widow 7″

WHITE MAGIC hail from New York, New York where they were formed back in 2003 by Mira Billotte. “White Widow” is their latest offering, a self-released 7″ with one original track and a Jefferson Airplane cover. Continue reading

Fat History Month – Gorilla 7″

Sweaters & Pearls Records just released the second single from Boston band FAT HISTORY MONTH. The 7″ comes almost simultaneously with their debut LP “Fucking Despair” on Sophomore Lounge Records. Continue reading

Witch Hat/ Zomes – Friends Records Split 7″

Friends Records is a growing label based out of Baltimore, MD. This is one of their most recent releases, a locally split 7″ between the dreaded WITCH HAT and ZOMES – otherwise known as guitarist Asa Osborne of Lungfish. Continue reading

White Laces – White Laces EP

Coming from the fine people at Shdwply Records is the first WHITE LACES material to be released on vinyl. The band has come a long way since their initial set of demos that was released at the end of 2009, so let’s see what they’ve got for us now. Continue reading