In Retrospect: The Airing of Grievances, 10 Years Later

titus andronicus airing of grievances lp merok troubleman unlimited merge 2008

Ten years ago tomorrow, a band from Glen Rock, NJ dropped their debut album, The Airing of Grievances. It was initially released by Troubleman Unlimited in New Jersey, and then brought to Europe by Merok Records (and later reissued by XL Recordings in 2009). Before this, the band had little to their name aside from a couple of 7″ records and a handful of often inaudible live videos on YouTube.

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Wreaths – s/t LP

wreaths st lp 2014 killing horse records

WREATHS is a 5-piece band from Asbury Park, NJ who self-describe their sound as “dream punk.” Released by Killing Horse Records, their new self-titled album melts psychedelic rock into a frothy landscape. Continue reading “Wreaths – s/t LP”

Song of the Day #50: Vaadat Charigim – “Ze Beseder Lefahed”

vaadat charigim the world is well lost cs lp 2013 burger records warm ratio

VAADAT CHARIGIM (which translates to “Exceptions Committee” in Hebrew) is a trio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their brand new debut record The World is Well Lost was first released on cassette by Burger Records in 2013. Now it’s coming on vinyl format from the folks at Warm Ratio, which goes hand-in-hand with their Spring tour of the United States later this month. The tour leads them right to their record release show on March 17th in Indianapolis, not to mention multiple dates in New York City and a SXSW appearance.

“Ze Beseder Lefahed” is arguably a highlight from their album, taking nods from 80s underground Israeli rock mixed with hazy streaks of ethereal shoegaze. Juval Haring’s voice is breathy and direct, carving a path through the thick vapor along with a wave of colorful guitars. Springy bass lines rumble deep in the distance, bringing all these elements together in a sweeping motion. There’s a sense of warmth sustained throughout the track, which you can hear right below.

Genre/ Tags: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative

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Song of the Day #47: Go!Zilla – “Dazed Dream”

go!zilla grabbing a crocodile lp 2013 black candy records

Courtesy of Black Candy Records in Italy and distributed by Rough Trade in Europe, GO!ZILLA just dropped their debut LP titled Grabbing a Crocodile. The band operates as a duo, delivering a grab-bag of sorts on their debut consisting of anything from punk to garage and dream pop to surf rock. The album’s self-titled single “Grabbing a Crocodile” starts us off with a gritty snarl, slowly burning and simmering in a pool of searing, acid-fueled psych. The band plans to make “Dazed Dream” the second single from their LP, which employs a totally different side of their approach to psychedelic rock. Warbled guitars and soaring vocals open the track with a hazy glimmer, creating a song that swings toward the dream pop fences.

Pretend it’s almost like a heavier Galaxie 500, using wondrous two-chord simplicity to progress the psyched-out bliss. Primal drumming and lysergic organs flutter as the track begins to re-emerge, revealing the details of a recalled dream (“I remember I was there”) along with a layer of invigorating guitar heat. As if you need any more reason to listen, you can get your fill of this crushing track right below. Head on over to the Go!Zilla Bandcamp if that’s got you drooling!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Psychedelic, Shoegaze

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