The Lees of Memory – We Are Siamese 7″

Lees of Memory we are siamese 7 velocity of sound records 2013

We Are Siamese is the debut single from Nashville-based THE LEES OF MEMORY. Courtesy of Velocity of Sound Records in Pittsburgh, the band features Nick Slack (Epic Ditch) and ex-Superdrag members Brandon Fisher and John Davis.

Their new 7″ offers up two whopping tracks, both of which are buried under dreamy layers of buzzing guitars. John Davis sings through the colorful veil of smoke in “We Are Siamese,” a track driven by a nasally guitar strum and pounding percussion. There’s some fluttering sci-fi effects sprinkled in-between the swell, offering constant warmth along with the thick wave of sound that saturates the air. B-side track “Open Your Arms” is led by a strobing guitar haze, built with an airy chorus and tight percussion. They slow it all down as Davis croons through the jangly chords, wrapping up another one of these expansive dreamscapes that you’re better off listening to below. If that’s not enough, maybe the absolutely fair price of $3.89 for this fine slice of wax will get your attention. Get on that!

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Slowcore
We Are Siamese 7″: Tracklist:
1.) We Are Siamese
2.) Open Your Arms

BUY the 7″ from Velocity of Sound Records – only $3.89 !
The Lees of Memory on Facebook

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