Baked – s/t CS

baked st cs forged artifacts 2014

Based in Brooklyn, NY, BAKED is a 5-piece band who released their own self-titled EP in the summer of 2013. Forged Artifacts in Minneapolis is now re-releasing the dreamy EP with a previously unreleased track titled “Wolf.”

Thanks to Forged Artifacts, these lush sounds are now available on chrome purple tapes limited to only 75 pieces. The cassette jumps open with the delayed twangs in “Fleatnam,” quickly sending us on a warming journey. Soft, nasally vocals drift through a chorus of heavy guitars, eroding the track in a wave of gritty, sand-blasted haze. “Wet Blanket” is another uplifting psych-pop nugget, centered around jangly, sun-drenched guitar hooks and muffled vocals. “Danelectroladyland” and “8er” both take on a strung-out sound, like lazily dragging your feet through the beach sand on a rainy afternoon. “8er” unfolds like an explosive psychedelic experience that continually gains momentum, characterized by smoky, spoken-word vocals. Listen to the cassette below along with the forthy-good vibes of their latest track “Wolf.”

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Psychedelic
Baked CS: Tracklist:
1.) Fleatnam
2.) Wet Blanket
3.) Danelectroladyland
4.) 8er
5.) Wolf

BUY the CS on Bandcamp – chrome tape limited to 75 pieces !
Baked on Tumblr

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