The Janitors – Head Honcho EP

Last we heard from Stockholm’s THE JANITORS, they had just released their debut EP. Now they’re back with a second offering, this time another staggering EP full of their evil, psyched-out shoegaze. Continue reading “The Janitors – Head Honcho EP”

Song of the Day #25: Deathtram – “Vultures”

For those who may not know, DEATHTRAM are a currently evolving psych-drone outfit from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. By the looks of their videos, the band is comprised of at least five different members which is probably what helps give them their huge, sweeping psychedelic sound.

Their new self-titled cassette on Error Records is an excellent example of this all taking place. Begin with the opening track “Vultures” and you will slowly but surely learn what Deathtram are all about. The song unfolds somewhat slowly, with a constant searing guitar lick lurking in the background. On top of that, we’re guided along by that hypnotic bass line, which combines with the whirlwind of menacing, metallic guitar madness and begins to swallow us whole – now the track is beginning to take form with all of it’s soaring qualities. A bit past the halfway mark they lay it on heavy, combining all of the elements into one heart-stopping psychedelic mess that will knock you on your ass.

You’ve been warned. Go check out the rest of the cassette on the Deathtram Bandcamp if you’re looking for more beatings like this. Then go and buy the cassette – it’s only $2!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone, Shoegaze, Trance

BUY the cassette directly from Error Records – limited to 50, for only $2 !!!
Deathtram on Tumblr
Deathtram on Bandcamp

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP

Sweet Heart Sweet Light is the latest offering and sacrament from Spirtualized. Throughout his career guitarist Jason Pierce (aka J. spacemen) has provided us with multicolored  galaxy uppers, downers, screamers, and laughers. This album is definitely a downer. Like a potent mixture of Darvon and Valium this is the sort of rock & roll that would have killed Lester Bangs. Continue reading “Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP”

The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP

THE JANITORS are a psych-drone duo that hail from Stockholm, Sweden. As they claim themselves, they share a love for noise, monotony, and pop songs. As proven by their latest efforts on the Worker Drone Queen EP, we’d have no other choice but to believe them. Continue reading “The Janitors – Worker Drone Queen EP”

The Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7″

Hozac Records has just released a self-titled 7” from West Palm Beach, Florida’s Band in Heaven. This record has a slightly bi-polar nature. It jumps back and forth between two extremes: Half the time it sounds heavy and sinister the other half of it sounds ethereal and divine. Continue reading “The Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7″”

Tearjerker – Strangers Cassette

Described as “hypnagogic pop”, TEARJERKER have successfully created a maelstrom of drone puss, which is elongated by distant campfire like howls, shoegaze puffs of smoke and strange voices offering anecdotal thoughts. They have in essence released a beautiful collection of everybody’s sad aching moments transcribed within the medium of musical scores.
Continue reading “Tearjerker – Strangers Cassette”