Throwback Thursday: Daryl Hall – Sacred Songs

daryl hall sacred songs lp 1980 rca records

“The difference between Pop and Rock ‘n Roll? You might get fucked!” – Robert Fripp.
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Throwback Thursday: Pip Proud – A Fraying Space LP

pip proud a fraying space lp em records 2014

PIP PROUD was a true psychedelic rock pioneer. Some consider him a punk before the term even existed and others consider him the Australian equivalent of Syd Barrett (some have even gone as far as to wonder if Syd might have even knicked a move or two from Mr. Proud). The fine folks at Osaka-based EM Records have done a stellar job with A Fraying Space; which is a collection of both previously unissued and otherwise difficult to get material drawn mainly from Pip’s prime 1960’s output. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Pip Proud – A Fraying Space LP”

Throwback Thursday: The Left Banke’s (Not Quite) Monaural LP, Walk Away Renée

left banke walk away renee pretty ballerina lp 1967 throwback thursday

A few weeks back on an excursion to the local flea fair, I thought I struck gold. It was Father’s Day. As a still somewhat freshly minted Dad, my wife decided to cut me a break on this sunny Sunday morning by giving me license to zip around the dusty used vinyl stacks and milk crates with impunity while she hung back keeping a much slower pace with our 3-year old daughter. My rounds soon became a race, as there was a fellow record geek who was hot on my heels trying to nab the rare wax before I could get to each stand. I won the race – my big score was a copy of The Left Banke’s debut LP Walk Away Renee/ Pretty Ballerina, a monaural copy for $2 with some of the original shrink wrap still on. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: The Left Banke’s (Not Quite) Monaural LP, Walk Away Renée”

Throwback Thursday: The Always Red Society – Talkin’ Giant Chocolate Think Tank Blues

always red society giant chocolate think tank blues hope for the tape deck CS 2014

It’s Easter Sunday, April 4th 1999. My friend and I had just driven two hours to see a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey in my brown 1980 Dodge Diplomat. The group who I had just braved the drive for in my ancient battlewagon was the Olivia Tremor Control.
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Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?

lewis l'amour lp light in the attic 2014

Eric Schlitter writes and operates his own blog The 13th Track. Throwback Thursday is his bi-weekly installment for the Styrofoam Drone, where Eric focuses on reissues of old albums and archival material from the depths of the vinyl underground.

Landing somewhere between mid period Jandek, Scott Walker’s reading of Tennessee Williams’ Blanket Roll Blues, and the soundtrack to a David Lynch film is the mysterious artist known as LEWIS and the album he christened, L’Amour. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?”