Throwback Thursday: The Left Banke’s (Not Quite) Monaural LP, Walk Away Renée

left banke walk away renee pretty ballerina lp 1967 throwback thursday

A few weeks back on an excursion to the local flea fair, I thought I struck gold. It was Father’s Day. As a still somewhat freshly minted Dad, my wife decided to cut me a break on this sunny Sunday morning by giving me license to zip around the dusty used vinyl stacks and milk crates with impunity while she hung back keeping a much slower pace with our 3-year old daughter. My rounds soon became a race, as there was a fellow record geek who was hot on my heels trying to nab the rare wax before I could get to each stand. I won the race – my big score was a copy of The Left Banke’s debut LP Walk Away Renee/ Pretty Ballerina, a monaural copy for $2 with some of the original shrink wrap still on. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: The Left Banke’s (Not Quite) Monaural LP, Walk Away Renée”