The Limiñanas – AF3458 7″

I’m totally ashamed of myself for taking this long to discover the charming sound that is THE LIMIÑANAS, but sometimes these things just slip through the cracks. This new 7″ is their first release of the new year, and hopefully not the last.

The Limiñanas had a busy 2010, releasing multiple things from Trouble in Mind Records as well as a 7″ on Hozac, which just both happen to be based in the Chicago area. Now they’re back in 2011 with a brand new 7″ single from SDZ Records based out of France, which couldn’t be more appropriate, considering they’re from France.

“AF3458” doesn’t exactly seem like a good name for a song, but the way they manage to seamlessly work it into the chorus is just about perfect. By the time it’s paired up with that fuzzy guitar garage static, the deal has already been sealed – you won’t be listening to another song for now. The best part is it doesn’t stop there, because the flip side “Betty and Johnny” is on the same level, equally as jangly and innocent as the last, except now they’re singing in French. The gritty guitar chord blasts are spread out and sparse, but I think that’s because the focus of this song is in the rhythm section. The nasally bass line doesn’t let up for the duration of the track, but it’s the percussion this time around that supplies the surprise. Notice the primal conga drumming, which is totally unexpected at first listen and adds much color to the rhythm.

Now that you’re (hopefully) curious to hear this stuff, please do yourself a huge favor and listen below. Also be sure to keep this one in mind folks, because you’ll definitely be seeing it again at the end of the year.

AF3458 –

Betty and Johnny –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Folk Rock
AF3458 7″: Tracklist:
1.) AF3458
2.) Betty and Johnny

BUY the 7″ directly from SDZ Records
The Limiñanas on Facebook

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