Dom – Living in America 7″

The first time I ever read about DOM came through this feature on Pitchfork. Not only is it weirdly interesting, but it’s hilarious. Needless to say, the next course of action was to listen to Dom. Now we’re right here.

Astralwerks just recently remastered and re-released the debut 10″ from Dom entitled “Sun Bronzed Greek Gods”. If you bought it from the right place, also included with your order was this 7″ we have here today, featuring the glamorous single “Living in America”, as well as a B-side track not included on the 10″ named after a common type of skin infection.

Woozy as can be and carrying enough sunshine for an entire planet, “Living in America” is an ecstatic good time. The addicting glam-pop charm is all up in your grill with acetic synth washes, which immediately sounds like a sun-bathed sanctuary that nobody knows the whereabouts to but Dom themselves. The bold vibrancy sticks out like a sore thumb and creates all sorts of visuals and textures, which in the end is probably what ultimately seals the deal for you when listening.

“Impetigo” on the other side, though, sounds a bit different. Hair-raising guitars call the shots here, as this track becomes an obvious instant classic. The fiery guitar madness only lasts for about two minutes, but there’s certainly nothing stopping you from giving it another spin. The drumming doesn’t stop for anything in it’s path either, which complements the relentlessness of the instrumental fury included on this track. It kind of has a “you against the world” mentality too, almost like charging onto a battlefield with no other goal in mind but to destroy everything in sight.

Living in America –

Impetigo –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Glam, Electronic
Living in America 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Living in America
2.) Impetigo

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Dom – Official Website

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