Top Thirty 7″ Records of 2013 (#15-01)


Welcome back! Today continues our coverage of the Top Thirty 7″ Records of 2013. If you missed the first half, we’d recommend you backtrack and take a look – see the beginning of the countdown right here before moving on!

(As 2013 comes to a close, we’ve put together the fourth edition of our annual year-end lists covering the most crucial records of the year. We’ll begin this year’s wrap-up by counting down 7″ singles, ranked in order to represent our anticipation of the band’s future releases in the new year. It’s also a list of anything we thought stood out in 2013, so save up some extra cash and make sure you cop these premium singles before it’s far too late. Happy holidays and most of all, happy reading. Now sit tight for the next round of countdowns, the Top 25 Albums of 2013!)


15.) ex-cult mister fantasy 7 goner records 2013
Ex-Cult – Mister Fantasy 7″
Label: Goner Records
Was it possible for these guys to sound any angrier than they did on their debut LP? That’s exactly the case with both of these raw and bloody cuts of punk rock. It’s like taking a 7″ out of it’s sleeve and finding a circular saw blade that trims your little fingers right off your hand. Proceed with caution.

14.) natural child guantanamo baywatch surf and turf split 7 suicide squeeze 2013
Natural Child/ Guantanamo Baywatch – Surf ‘n’ Turf Split 7″
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Suicide Squeeze Records truly left us with a gem at the tail end of the year. Combining the landlocked blues of Natural Child with the surfy and honest twangs of Guantanamo Baywatch means this 7″ couldn’t have a better title. It almost goes without saying, but watch out for either crew in 2014. Also, it’s up for debate that this is Natural Child’s best standalone track yet.

13.) fuzz sleigh ride 7 in the red 2013
Fuzz – Sleigh Ride 7″
Label: In the Red Recordings
2013 turned out to be the year of Fuzz, dropping a slew of 7″ singles and eventually their crushing debut. Sleigh Ride was the second of three 7-inches, becoming the first indication that the trio wasn’t just messing around. “Sleigh Ride” is an anthem in itself, boasting a burly, blues-fueled crunch wrapped around a jolting time-signature change-up. Throw in the gnarled metallic shards on the B-side and it’s a done deal.

12.) gold losing your hair 7 ep 2013 mammoth cave records
GOLD – Losing Your Hair 7″ EP
Label: Mammoth Cave Recording Co.
Chris Reimer, late guitarist of the band Women played drums on this EP. The band used his equipment to record the four songs too, appropriately dedicating the 7″ to him. Jewel-toned guitars and a chilling atmosphere fuels their entrancing dream pop, delivering a remarkable debut from the one and only Mammoth Cave Records.

11.) golden pelicans the earls 7 total punk 2013
Golden Pelicans – The Earls 7″
Label: Total Punk Records
Once again, Total Punk means Total Punk and you get the feeling Golden Pelicans know that too. This 1-2 punch follows their debut 7″ from last year, berating us with a snarling and shredded take on rowdy punk rock. The 7″ ends up leaving a garbage-flavored aftertaste and you never would’ve thought it tasted (or sounded) this good.

10.) natural child crs blues 7 jeffery drag records 2013
Natural Child – CRS Blues 7″
Label: Jeffery Drag Records
What would any of these year-end lists be without these Nashville scoundrels? They crammed in a late entry from Suicide Squeeze, but this CRS Blues 7″ steals the show. They channel their inner-Stones on the B-side “Nathan’s Blues,” while the A-side is a bluesy 6-minute burner filled with smoke. It’s moody and silky smooth, leaving us to say the Natural Child boys can do no wrong.

09.) slushy candy 7 randy records 2013
Slushy – Candy 7″
Label: Randy Records
Randy Records churned out gem after gem in 2013 and the sugary sweet 7″ debut from Slushy was right on point. Recorded with an extra sticky analog twang, the fun-loving duo from Chicago only has this single and a pair of cassettes under their belt. Even so their future is looking up without a doubt in our minds, so we’ll see what happens going forward.

08.) ancient slang fake future 7 gloryhole records 2013
Ancient Slang – Fake Future 7″
Label: Gloryhole Records
Ancient Slang came out from way in left field during 2013, bringing this 3-track debut with them comprised of angular and shadowy post-punk. The single has a stunning cohesiveness even though it’s only tree tracks long, leaving us highly anticipating anything from this grungy Indianapolis trio going forward.

07.) vacation club daydream 7 randy records 2013
Vacation Club – Daydream 7″
Label: Randy Records
Randy was at it again with this two-song banger from Indianapolis garage crew Vacation Club. These guys lay down some gritty garage tunes loaded with an undeniably ecstatic approach. These two songs are fun and loose, fully exposing us to their progressively innocent and noisy garage pop.

06.) young sinclairs hurt my pride 7 ep croque macadam 2013
The Young Sinclairs – Hurt My Pride 7″ EP
Label: Croque Macadam/ Requiem Pour un Twister Records
Talk about a busy year. The Young Sinclairs busted out at least four different singles in 2013, all of which end of making up an album’s worth of twangy, folk-inspired garage. Hurt My Pride stood out from the rest, delivering three clean and wholesome tracks for an ultimately timeless sound.

05.) feel alright oahu ohio 7 mammoth cave records 2013
Feel Alright – Oahu Ohio 7″
Label: Mammoth Cave Recording Co.
The Mammoth Cave released a handful of quality records on the year, but none we’re as memorable as this stunning debut from Feel Alright. Penning their pop with an airy and featherweight approach, this is about as charming and pristine as garage could come. Our fingers our crossed for more in 2014, because as promised this stuff will restore your faith in humanity.

04.) jensen serf company electric sister 7 daddy kool records 2012
Jensen Serf Company – Electric Sister 7″ EP
Label: Daddy Kool Records
The duo in Jensen Serf Company turned in this stellar 7″ EP at the beginning of the year. Combining a good bit of psych, surf and punk rock, the band has honed in on a sharp and wild sound that is all their own. They’ve turned our heads with two killer EPs now and we’re thinking 2014 will have some more of that.

03.) uh bones only you 7 ep randy records 2013
Uh Bones – Only You 7″ EP
Label: Randy Records
No label impressed us more than Randy Records in 2013. This Uh Bones 7″ EP was the initial reason for the infectious love, exposing us to their heavily-reverberated take on soulful garage pop. The 7″ unfolds with a grainy analog twang, decorated with Luke Trimble’s crooning over a hazy layer of colorful synth. We already know there’s bound to be more from this Chicago crew in the new year, so let’s hope they don’t keep us waiting for too long.

02.) straight arrows never enough 2013 best of 7 list
Straight Arrows – Never Enough 7″
Label: Hozac Records (Hookup Klub #31)
For those who kick themselves (myself included) for not subscribing to Hozac’s Hookup Klub, this Straight Arrows 7″ is one huge reason surrounded by almost 30 others. It was their lone release in 2013, but boy is it heavy. B-side track “Can’t Stand It” could be their best standalone track to date, offering up an absolutely dazzling combination of garage, psych, punk and ecstasy that will steamroll you. They haven’t dropped an LP since 2010 and we’re really not sure what to expect going forward, other than we’re expecting.

01.) living eyes eat it up 7 goodbye boozy 2013
The Living Eyes – Eat It Up 7″
Label: Goodbye Boozy Records
From down under in Geelong, Australia, garage sensation the Living Eyes destroyed the year of 2013. Goodbye Boozy in Italy dropped this sick little 7″, starting a new era for the band as they take their punk in a different direction. There’s a sophomore album on the horizon for these guys, and quoted from Billy Gardner himself, “it’s a bit more ‘Eat It Up’ style.” We’re still patiently waiting for details on said LP, but we’re certainly not asking them to rush anything either. Just as long as there is more of this streamlined punk in our future, all is well.


There you have it, folks. The conclusion of our Top Thirty 7″ Records of 2013 right before your eyes. Before the end of the year we still plan on bringing you our Top 25 Albums of 2013, which you should be expecting shortly after the Christmas holiday. Please sit tight and stay tuned!

While you wait, take a look at our album countdown’s from the past three years: 2012, 2011, 2010

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