Song of the Day #25: Deathtram – “Vultures”

For those who may not know, DEATHTRAM are a currently evolving psych-drone outfit from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. By the looks of their videos, the band is comprised of at least five different members which is probably what helps give them their huge, sweeping psychedelic sound.

Their new self-titled cassette on Error Records is an excellent example of this all taking place. Begin with the opening track “Vultures” and you will slowly but surely learn what Deathtram are all about. The song unfolds somewhat slowly, with a constant searing guitar lick lurking in the background. On top of that, we’re guided along by that hypnotic bass line, which combines with the whirlwind of menacing, metallic guitar madness and begins to swallow us whole – now the track is beginning to take form with all of it’s soaring qualities. A bit past the halfway mark they lay it on heavy, combining all of the elements into one heart-stopping psychedelic mess that will knock you on your ass.

You’ve been warned. Go check out the rest of the cassette on the Deathtram Bandcamp if you’re looking for more beatings like this. Then go and buy the cassette – it’s only $2!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone, Shoegaze, Trance

BUY the cassette directly from Error Records – limited to 50, for only $2 !!!
Deathtram on Tumblr
Deathtram on Bandcamp


Trust – TRST

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Trust – Sulk EP

The long-awaited debut LP from Canadian duo TRUST is finally upon us. The album (simply titled “TRST”) officially drops on February 28th courtesy of Arts & Crafts, but luckily we have this “Sulk” EP to hold us over until then. Continue reading “Trust – Sulk EP”


Purity Ring/ Braids – Split 7″

This brand new, split 7″ features two of the leading electronic-based bands from Canada on Fat Possum – BRAIDS who have already made quite a name for themselves this year and PURITY RING who aren’t too far behind them. Continue reading “Purity Ring/ Braids – Split 7″”


Trust – Bulbform 12″

This new one from the good folks at Sacred Bones Records is about to put your night on a whole new level. Canadian electronic duo TRUST are at it again with “Bulbform”, featuring their deliciously shocking blend of evil electro-pop. Continue reading “Trust – Bulbform 12″”


Nicolas Jaar – Remixes Volume 1 (Pépé Bradock & Dave Aju)

Just released by the Circus Company in France is a small batch of remixes from NICOLAS JAAR on 12″ vinyl, focusing on his excellent album “Space is Only Noise” from earlier this year. Continue reading “Nicolas Jaar – Remixes Volume 1 (Pépé Bradock & Dave Aju)”


Song of the Day #14: TRUST

If you’re like us, then you can’t seem to get enough of TRUST. The Canadian duo has only released one 7″ to their name thus far and then there’s the lone track “Not a Waste of Sky” within the Sacred Bones Todo Muere compilation. While those three songs really aren’t enough to keep anybody satisfied, neither is this fourth track “Gloryhole” I’m going to send your way, but we hope it partially helps subside your Trust fever.

Like the other three tracks, there’s a dark and dire trance wave that extends itself through this inexplicably sexy dance anthem. However, it’s a rewarding song because even though they stick to their “grave wave” aesthetic, it doesn’t sound remotely close to the other three songs that you can potentially unearth from Trust. In other words, all of these tracks vary greatly while managing to stay within the darkly brooding and troubling realm that is Trust. Lead singer Robert Alfons sounds cold and haunted in “Gloryhole”, and although this one features minimal vocals (see “Not a Waste of Sky” for the opposite), he still manages to send a shivering chill up your spine whether you like it or not. At this point we can’t exactly say what’s to come next, but we can at least keep our eyes on Sacred Bones who looks to be releasing their debut long player sometime in 2011.

Gloryhole –

Get it here: DOWNLOAD
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Trance, Dance, Ambient

BUY the Candy Walls 7″ from Insound
BUY the Todo Muere SB Comp. – an RSD ’11 exclusive limited to 900!
DOWNLOAD “Not a Waste of Sky” (different from Todo Muere version)
Hear a brand new demo “The Dazzle” on the Trust Myspace
An insightful TRUST Interview from WOW Magazine

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