Trust – Bulbform 12″

This new one from the good folks at Sacred Bones Records is about to put your night on a whole new level. Canadian electronic duo TRUST are at it again with “Bulbform”, featuring their deliciously shocking blend of evil electro-pop.

Some might even go the extra mile to call this music “grave wave”, while they themselves refer to their sound as “speed, space, and tears.” “Bulbform” is arguably the best release we’ve heard from Trust yet, as it combines a little bit of everything from past efforts – dripping, syrupy synths, a dark and troubled undertone that is as creepy as it is sexy, and a totally abrasive complexion of scratchy and metallic waves that may leave you feeling a bit vulnerable and disturbed. On top of these elements, Robert Alfons hums in the most foreboding fashion a hum could ever be executed, like the dude is hovering right over your shoulder monitoring your every move – which of course, such movements should only come from the irresistible desire to get up and grove that this track produces anyway.

On the flipside, Maya Postepski makes her vocal debut on any official Trust release that we’re familiar with. Her voice adds a chilly notion right away – she snarls and glides effortlessly throughout the track, as both Postepski and Alfons share the vocal efforts this time. “F.T.F.” takes a slower and laid back approach, leaving behind a chunk of the speedy rush that usually makes most of these songs so memorable, but that doesn’t mean this should be ignored. In fact, this just shows how much more capable Trust can potentially be. Granted this is why it feels more surpressed, yet it’s still clearly Trust working in their element. There are moments when “F.T.F.” changes momentum and alters the flow of the swift beat, switching between iced-over dance floors and futuristic realms of wonder.

Maybe you’ve noticed by now, but we think Trust are way ahead of the curve and so we have been waiting for this one for an awfully long time. Please engage in these tracks below and we will hopefully be on the same page (the “Alternate Mix” is a little extra). Snag that limited edition vinyl while you still can!!

Bulbform –

F.T.F. –

Bulbform (Alternate Mix) –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Grave Wave, Trance
Bulbform 12″: Tracklist:
1.) Bulbform
2.) F.T.F.
3.) Bulbform (Alternate Mix)

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BUY the limited edition 12″ directly from SB – limited to 100 on red vinyl !
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Also, don’t forget about the unreleased demos on their Soundcloud

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