Radical Sons – Throwing Knives

Hey all. This past Sunday was a great day. I made it to the record store for the first time in weeks, and while I was there I found some fantastic new records. Of the few things I picked up that day, one of them certainly stood out above the rest, and that record is called “Throwing Knives” by a band named RADICAL SONS. When I found it in the record store I had no idea what I was getting into. The main reason I bought it was because it was from the St. Ives label, and it wasn’t too pricey. With that being said, I can’t stress enough how good of a feeling it is to buy a record without any prior knowledge of the band, and then totally fall in the love with the music. Radical Sons totally caught me off guard considering my situation, and I hope you guys can enjoy these songs as much as I did.

The record has two sides (duh), but one side is all studio recordings, while the other is all demo takes of certain songs. According to the description on the Insound website, these demo tracks were recorded right at home, and the record sleeves were designed by the band members themselves. As the St. Ives label on the vinyl says, “The artist alone is to blame for the appearance of their St. Ives record.”, so if there are any problems with your record, you know who to blame! But seriously, how could you get mad at these guys after making such an awesome record?

The band originally started back in 2008 with Ben Goldstein and Nick Risler when they still lived in St. Louis, and since then they’ve moved to Brooklyn, NY (no surprise there), and then they released their first record “Throwing Knives”, which is why I am here today. You can listen to three of the songs below, ripped directly from the vinyl itself. Some parts of the songs get noisy, other parts sound like tropical calypso music (the beginning of Planes & Trains), and other parts they just rock out, but they always manage to do all of these things while staying within the confines of their own sound. Hey, thanks for coming by again today, and as always, enjoy the music!

I’m So Sick of the 21st Century –

Throwing Knives –

Planes & Trains –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Noise Rock, Indie Rock
Throwing Knives: Tracklist:
1.) I’m So Sick of the 21st Century
2.) River City
3.) Throwing Knives
4.) All Signs Show
5.) Planes & Trains
6.) Midnight Reducers (Demo)
7.) River City (Demo)
8.) All Signs Show (Demo)
9.) Planes & Trains (Demo)
10.) Scavengers (Demo)

Check out Radical Sons on Myspace!
You can buy it at insound!

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