Tammar – Tammar EP

Hello y’all. Today’s post comes from a record I just picked up from the record store over this past weekend, and I feel like this stuff is going to be new for you since it was for me. The name of the band is TAMMAR, and they’re from the unexpected Bloomington, Indiana. Their self-titled EP came out sometime back in 2008, which probably means this poor record was sitting in the record store for over a year! Poor thing. It’s all good though, because it has a home now, and it just so happens to be loved very much! I didn’t know what I was getting into when I bought this EP, but the main reason I picked it up that day was because it’s from the St. Ives imprint. As of lately, these St. Ives records have really hit the spot (See Radical Sons or Friendo), so I can’t help myself but pick up another one when I see it. You can mark my words that there will be another one up here sooner or later, I just have to find it first 😉

So who are these Tammar folk you ask? Well, for starters, I’m pretty sure this is their only official release, so the chances of finding this band any other way seems pretty slim. The EP is just under a half an hour long, and it’s filled with Tammar’s head spinning blend of wobbly indie pop – going from the headline on their Myspace page that reads “Wobble-Pop”. The first track “Summer Fun” fits this description best in my opinion, as the song’s sounds brings words like “confusing” and “amnesia” to mind. Amongst the pulsating bass lines and hazy sound effects, there’s plenty of things going on in these songs. The guitar comes in heavily about halfway through this track until the dizzy fade-out at the end of the song. This leaves us at the beginning of the next track “Weddle On”, which starts off with a fun intro that is sure to leave the listener guessing what direction this song is going to take. The song starts off somewhat slow and very quiet, but as time goes on the song picks up some speed, definitely gets louder, and it actually gets more and more complex over time. Come to think of it, a few of these songs take a similar form where they’ll start out slow and quiet, but as time goes on they get bigger, louder, and more intricate.

The following track goes almost hand-in-hand with what I just said, and it’s called “Dig A Hole”. This just so happens to be the longest song from the EP, as it clocks in at over seven minutes. The song starts out on a slow bass line with some eerie sound effects, and you’ll see as time passes that the song starts to form into it’s own. The steady drumming and the buzzing bass lines are always present as more and more begins to come out in the song, but they never break the song off into a different direction – they stay focused throughout and keep it moving forward without ever looking over their shoulder to see what could have been.

Skipping ahead to the final track of the EP called “Hot Juice” (just a quick thought – hot juice definitely doesn’t sound refreshing). But moving on. “Hot Juice” is definitely a highlight from this EP, and it starts out on some groovy keyboards. The drums and guitar slowly join in on the fun, and before you realize it they’re building up their song again as you listen to it. During the second minute the song turns into a fast-paced acid jam filled with lots of cowbell and more bouncy sounds. In other words, it’s just a long, intense jam out with enough sound effects and cowbell to keep you happy for days.

That’s the end of their EP, and unfortunately I don’t think these guys ever put out anything else. It doesn’t seem like Tammar ever gained the popularity they could have achieved, which is probably why there isn’t anything else to listen to, but I’ve been wrong many, many times in my life. Trust me. Listen to the songs below, and thanks for coming by again!

Summer Fun (3:57) –

Weddle On (5:13) –

Hot Juice (6:53) –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Pop, Indie Rock
Tammar EP: Tracklist:
1.) Summer Fun
2.) Weddle On
3.) Dig A Hole
4.) Emily’s Army
5.) Hot Juice

Tammar on Myspace
Tammar on Last.fm
Download the EP digitally from OtherMusic.com

3 thoughts on “Tammar – Tammar EP

  1. they’re definitely still around.. check their myspace. i don’t know that they’ve put out anything, because i never bought anything from them.. but dave, the lead vocalist for the band, was a volunteer and video-editor at an all-ages club i volunteered at in bloomington. they do some small tours, and play around in the area from time to time.

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