Uncle Bad Touch – Uncle Bad Touch

If it weren’t for Infinity Cat Records, then perhaps we may have never had UNCLE BAD TOUCH come across our radar screen. Thankfully that is not the case and we can share their awesome debut LP with all of you fine people.

For those who may not be aware, Uncle Bad Touch are a fun-loving garage-psych band who hail from Montreal. Their self-titled debut record appears to have originally been released in 2010 by Bumby Records but has now seen the light of day again thanks to Infinity Cat. After giving this LP just one solid listen, you will easily understand why the folks at Infinity Cat wanted to give this record a second press. One fantastic example presents itself right in the opening track “I Wanna Love You”, where lead singer Kathryn McCaughey howls with complete authority. She sounds like a fiery madwoman who can’t exactly make up her mind amongst the squealing guitar licks, creating both an energetic and vintage sound that is impossible to resist if you’re usually into this crunchy, psyched-out type of garage rock.

Despite their obvious ability to rock out, they also take on a much more poppy element in their sound from time to time. Take a track like “Sober Bender”, which shows just how fun and innocent these guys can really be. The track serves up a playfully rowdy sound that radiates glorious and inviting pop notions in all directions, probably showing better than any other song on the LP their fun-loving and ecstatic approach to psych-pop. The follow up “Blow Your Mind” again proves that a band doesn’t have to be dead serious to be totally awesome, where they shout and carry on endlessly which really helps create a care-free and pure sound.

While clearly these guys know when it’s time to loosen up and party, they also know when it’s time to settle down and firm up their sound. One track that proves this early on is “On an Island”, which shows off charming guitar serenades and sounds a bit more stern and serious compared to the rest of their amusing and perky tracks. The same goes for another track like “Always”, which is so brutally honest you can almost feel the yearning vibes that are produced. A bit later on “Strange City, Sing to Me” is more proof of this, which shows they know just how to vary their sound and can change their attitude on the dime when necessary.

Last but not least, the other element in their music that makes their sound so unique is that dry sounding flute (or whatever the hell that whistling is). This instrument, whatever exactly it is, adds quite a fresh, colorful and soothing element to many of these songs. The short and choppy sounding “La” might show the use of this instrument best, where you can hear the flute in between the sloppy, strummy guitar chords.

Now don’t waste any more time because it’s all time you could be using to listen to this awesome album. Check out this handful of songs below and head on over to Infinity Cat to snag the LP – you’d be crazy not to.

PS – Listen to the remainder of the album on Bandcamp

I Wanna Love You –

Always –

Sober Bender –

Only With You –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
Uncle Bad Touch s/t LP: Tracklist:
1.) I Wanna Love You
2.) Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
3.) On an Island
4.) Always
5.) Sober Bender
6.) Blow Your Mind
7.) Sweetest Dream
8.) Strange City, Sing to Me
9.) La
10.) Only With You
11.) Uncle Bad Touch
12.) Running and Rolling Your Way

BUY the LP directly from Infinity Cat Records – only $10, you won’t regret it !
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Uncle Bad Touch on Tumblr

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