Song of the Day #49: Left of Logic – “Subconscious”

left of logic hue of man 2013 subconscious sotd 49

LEFT OF LOGIC is a trio specializing in a form of synth-driven technicolor rock from northeast Philadelphia. The band consists of Dan Townsend on keys, Austen Royce Goodman on bass guitar and Tim Knowlton on percussion, with each member holding down a particular element in the band’s sound. Their instrumentation is completely free of guitars, leaving syrupy synth work, grungy bass lines and crushing percussion to do the damage.

That’s exactly the case on EP opener “Subconscious,” which opens up with a trail of glimmering electronics. They offer a squishy and glossy texture, fortified by nasty bass throbs and timely percussion underneath. The synths create a constant, colorful swirl, spearheaded by vocal efforts from both Townsend and Goodman. The song continues to morph into a menacing affair with the buzzy snarl of the synth, complemented by some wild bass guitar shredding. It could almost go without saying, but it’s a refreshing sound to hear around here at SD. This EP is only a small sample of what the band has done, and there’s bound to be more on the horizon!

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Progressive, Minimalist
Hue of Man EP: Tracklist:
1.) Subconscious
2.) What Comes Next
3.) What You Have Done

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Lunch Ray – A Dirty Love Letter from San Francisco 7″ EP

lunch ray 7 ep baby carrots records 2012

Here’s a weird one from LUNCH RAY out in Los Alamitos, California. The 7″ was released by Baby Carrots Records in Orange County in a very limited run of just 20 lathe-cut pieces. Continue reading “Lunch Ray – A Dirty Love Letter from San Francisco 7″ EP”


The Cinnamon Band – Black Love 7″

The Funny/ Not Funny label in Virginia has been churning out the goods these days. They continue with the debut 7″ from the twangy guitar duo of THE CINNAMON BAND who also hail from Virginia. Continue reading “The Cinnamon Band – Black Love 7″”


Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love EP

Coming down the home stretch for 2011, NICOLAS JAAR releases two more songs before the new year. This new EP comes from his own label Clown & Sunset and sees him sustaining his usual minimal pace. Continue reading “Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love EP”


Christmas Island/ Meth Teeth – Split 2×7″

Coming from the Sacred Bones folk is this set of singles from both CHRISTMAS ISLAND and METH TEETH. The set includes two 7″ singles, each with a pair of songs from the respective bands you see here. Continue reading “Christmas Island/ Meth Teeth – Split 2×7″”


Polly Pockets – Weird Floor Head Face

POLLY POCKETS uses her drum machine, an acoustic guitar, and just the right amount of weirdness to create quite peculiar, airy and delicate songs. She’s got plenty of free downloads on her Bandcamp page, and this is her latest batch to date. Continue reading “Polly Pockets – Weird Floor Head Face”


The Deeep – Muddy Tracks 12″

I don’t exactly like borrowing words, but sometimes it’s all too necessary. Uttered first from the folks at 100% Silk, “Muddy Tracks” is a “stripped down satisfying zombie trance-hop” from start to finish. You can’t really get more straight to the point than that statement with this record in mind. Continue reading “The Deeep – Muddy Tracks 12″”