Lunch Ray – A Dirty Love Letter from San Francisco 7″ EP

lunch ray 7 ep baby carrots records 2012

Here’s a weird one from LUNCH RAY out in Los Alamitos, California. The 7″ was released by Baby Carrots Records in Orange County in a very limited run of just 20 lathe-cut pieces.

There’s not much we’ve been able to learn about this Lunch Ray dude so we’re going to keep it simple – just like the music. Lunch Ray is the monkier for Joey Callanan, who plays all the songs on this 7″ with just a guitar. Aside from that there’s a some tambourine janglings and a few snare hits scattered in the mix, but in the end this stuff is severely minimal. Grungy guitars stagger along in a crusty fuzz, revealing sharp and angular hooks that will have you wincing in pain. It’s all driven by that harsh, metallic twang of Callanan’s guitar, followed by his franic, blown-out vocals that echo off the walls and bounce in all directions – think Dead Luke with no effects whatsoever. Imagining this stuff now with some of the extra open space filled in would make a world of difference. Listen to the 7″ below and see how you feel.

Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Minimal, Lo-Fi
A Dirty Love Letter from San Francisco 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) A Dirty Love Letter from San Francisco
2.) Spider Legs
3.) I Wish I Was

BUY the 7″ from the Baby Carrots Records Bandcamp – there’s only 20 !
Lunch Ray on Facebook

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