Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love EP

Coming down the home stretch for 2011, NICOLAS JAAR releases two more songs before the new year. This new EP comes from his own label Clown & Sunset and sees him sustaining his usual minimal pace.

Jaar sure takes awhile before these tracks really get moving, but that’s all part of his mysterious, out-of-order plan. He’s all about the calculation and when the timing is right, he executes with authority. That being said, this young producer is only beginning to show us what he’s made of. The future looks fantastic for this guy (he’s got countless releases and his own record label), regardless of anything at this point.

Specifically speaking, “Don’t Break My Love” doesn’t really take any real form until two minutes in, supplying us with this warbled and computerized rhythm of malfunctioning clicks and pops and vocal samples that sound as frantic as they are relentless. Shortly after this unsettling midsection, the track produces this gritty wave within the final two minutes which is like the culminating moment that swallows everything whole. That being said, these two tracks have surprises around every corner and they fit nicely into his body of work, however they’re certainly not his best. Hear “Don’t Break My Love” below and you should agree that nobody else at the moment seems to be tinkering with this sound so effectively. Nicolas Jaar is clearly a master of his craft, whatever exactly that means.

PS – Go download both tracks from the EP right here for FREE!!!

Don’t Break My Love –

My Rating: 6.7/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Minimalist, Experimental
Don’t Break My Love EP: Tracklist:
1.) Don’t Break My Love
2.) Why Didn’t You Save Me

DOWNLOAD the tracks for FREE from the Clown & Sunset Soundclound
Nicolas Jaar – Official Website

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