Raw McCartney – Midwest Eject 7″

raw mccartney midwest eject 7 goodbye boozy 2015

Indianapolis psych crew RAW McCARTNEY is back with their first release in over a year. Midwest Eject comes with 2 brand new tracks from the always grotesque Goodbye Boozy Records in Italy.

Thinking back to their debut cassette on Tripp Tapes in 2013, these guys have not missed a beat in their delivery of scum-coated noise rock. Considering it’s been nearly two years, their nasty noise is like the wet willy of sludge your ears have been missing. A-side “Midwest Eject” opens with the muffled screeching of guitar, supplying a careening psychedelic punch that only this tiny little 7″ could muster up. A sticky bass line locks into place and never unhinges, creating a nonstop pulse through the fuzz-fueled affair as frontman Jacob Gardner shouts unintelligible, static-crusted chants over the splattered mess. We ride this gritty psych groove while speeding right by spiny guitars and blown-out soloing.

B-side “Surreal Creams” offers a different but sonically-similar look into the warped mind of Raw McCartney, sealing us into a spaced-out spell that is like the opposing side of the same coin, or in this case, 7″. Bass swells and surges as scaly guitars form a scratching layer of racket that squalls and refuses to settle. There’s a glowing, strobe light-affected guitar solo stuck right in the middle, providing the single’s most tripped-out qualities after they’ve been simmering and soaking in a pool of rainbow-tinged acid. Screaming vocals unleash a frantic and almost frightening element into an already twisted track, proving that this little Midwestern mutation will test your ears and head with a heavy dose of infectious fuzz. Good luck! Be sure to stream the B-side below too, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Surreal Creams –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Psychedelic
Midwest Eject 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Midwest Eject
2.) Surreal Creams

BUY the 7″ from Discogs or Windian Records before it’s gone !
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