Christmas Island/ Meth Teeth – Split 2×7″

Coming from the Sacred Bones folk is this set of singles from both CHRISTMAS ISLAND and METH TEETH. The set includes two 7″ singles, each with a pair of songs from the respective bands you see here.

Like the other split we covered on Wednesday, it shouldn’t take long to figure out why these two bands were paired together here. Things begin on the Christmas Island side with a charming indie-pop number. Alluring and angled guitar leads chart out the direction of “Ex-Beach” almost too obviously with a sunny island beach feel before traveling into obscurity. “Drawing Skulls” is a bit more straight-forward and hard hitting pop-punk jam with tightly woven guitars. The stressed and jangly rhythm fits perfectly with Brian Islands frantic and urgent vocals, coming full circle with quivering hooks until a crashing halt.

Changing up to the Meth Teeth 7″, “Don’t Come Home” kicks off with druggy and strung out vocals which sound masked by a thick vapor. The jangly rhythm marches on along underneath and musically you should now hear the comparison. The sharp and bony guitar leads create a glimmering vibe that is just too delightful to ignore, so don’t worry if you feel the urge to play this one again. “Control” features an even more clanging rhythm than before, clashing with scrappy guitar hooks, crushing drums and a moody blues spirit. The mangled guitars sound equally nasally and metallic while giving the song a much more psych-folk edge than you probably saw coming. Now find out for yourself with the songs below.

CI – Ex-Beach –

MT – Don’t Come Home –

MT – Control –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Indie Pop, Folk Rock, Minimalist
Split 2×7″: Tracklist:
Christmas Island
1.) Ex-Beach
2.) Drawing Skulls
Meth Teeth
1.) Don’t Come Home
2.) Control

BUY the 2×7″ directly from Insound – Limited to 400 !
Christmas Island on Myspace
Meth Teeth on Myspace

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