The Everywheres – s/t LP


Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, THE EVERYWHERES have delivered a remarkable debut album. Courtesy of Father/Daughter Records, frontman Samuel T. Hill is bringing us his masterful psychedelic pop.

Sam Hill has created a record so solid we can’t seem to think of much else to say besides utter hyperbole. But we’ll give it our best shot anyway, so let’s get on with it. One of the most important aspects of this material is its polished complexion and tempo consistency. All eight songs slither anywhere from a slow to mid-pace, save for most of “Easy Bells” and the last 30 seconds of “Unfortunate Direction.” Otherwise we find ourselves bobbing along to the blissful rhythms, comprised of thin lysergic synth layers and the constant, warming twang of strung-out guitars. These guitars take the spotlight in every last track, glinting and meandering through subtle, nasally acoustics and swift and tight percussion. Then there’s Hill himself, singing in his dreamy, wide-eyed tone at the head of each track. These elements all blend together for a deliciously euphoric experience, one that you won’t soon be forgetting.

In the end all eight songs wind up as a highlight for one reason or another. “Unfortunate Direction” quickly sets the tone, unfolding with the fluttering haze of synths while strayed guitars weave in and out of the blurry shimmer. “Watch It Grow” swirls carefully though gorgeously warming layers, leading us toward wandering guitar bridges that trail off naturally in spontaneous directions. “Cold Curator Sings” comes driven by throbbing bass lines and shiny, gem-like guitar hooks that sparkle with curiosity. The chorus changes gears into a hazy march, decorated by cooing vocals, tambourine rattles and colorful guitar brushes. The combination makes for an irresistible jangle, melding together at just the right pace for a memorably hypnotizing finale.

With this record clocking in at 27 minutes, it’s just the right length so you can sit back and soak it all in in one satisfying session. But even so we’re still just wishing it was longer. If you’re looking for more of this stuff, head on over to the band’s Bandcamp page where you can snag some free downloads – one is their previous cassette Slow Friends, the other is a new track with friend Brian Askew.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Pop, Ethereal, Garage Rock
s/t LP: Tracklist:
1.) Unfortunate Direction
2.) Someone Disappeared
3.) Other State
4.) Watch it Grow
5.) Cold Curator Sings
6.) Strangers Below the Wire
7.) Easy Bells
8.) Weekend Yellows

BUY the LP directly form Father/Daughter Records – released TODAY, snag the double-mint splatter vinyl !
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The Everywheres on Bandcamp – free downloads !
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3 thoughts on “The Everywheres – s/t LP

  1. Thank you for the tip, seems right up my alley. The ‘Slow Friends’ cassette on Bandcamp sounds excellent so far.

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