Top Drawer – Solid Oak

Top Drawer is without a doubt one of those bands that has been long forgotten about. If it wasn’t for this wonderful compilation record, I don’t know if I ever would have stumbled upon these guys. This obscure band hailed from the rural center of the United States, coming right out of Kentucky. There aren’t many facts to be said about the band, considering they were around back in 1969-1970 and they only have one album that I am aware of. Their one and only album, titled “Solid Oak”, was recorded back in 1969 at Fultz Recording Studio over in Kentucky, and if you have one of these original records in mint condition, it could sell for well over a hundred dollars. The album is constantly being sought out due to it’s rarity. According to the record sleeve of the compilation I mentioned above, the album was only repressed one time back in 1980 on Akarma Records from Italy, and has never been pressed since. On top of that, none of the band’s original members have ever surfaced to talk about the music, and it’s not looking like they’re about to show up anytime soon. This song was included on the compilation in hopes that the band members would take notice of the praise that their almost-perfect record “Solid Oak” has continually received over the years. Then perhaps the band members can give us their side of the story on what it was like to be twenty-something years old in the middle of America and release a psychedelic masterpiece, and then vanish back into normal life without a trace. Listen to the first track of their forgotten masterpiece right here on YouTube. This track is the main reason the album is so sought out, with its monumental guitar soloing and the constant loop of the keyboard, this song undeniably flirts with perfection. That’s enough from me, now it’s time to find out for yourself. Check out the amazing “Solid Oak” with the link below…and…oh yeah…

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I hope it’s the best one yet!

Solid Oak: Tracklist
1. Song of a Sinner
2. What Happened Before They Took the People Away
3. Middle Class America
4. Time Passes Much Too Quickly
5. Messed Up
6. Baker’s Boogie
7. What’s in Store
8. Sweet Memories
9. Lies

Solid Oak: BUY, good luck finding anything else. Try checking eBay.

12 thoughts on “Top Drawer – Solid Oak

    1. “thank you” Song of a Sinner is a classic……you said you wanted to know more about the band, what would you like to know? I kinda have the inside track on this band….

    2. “thank you” Song of a Sinner is my favorite also…..what would you like to know about this band? ( I kinda have the inside track on them)

      1. I’m not Gary Sands, are you?! Wow but I totally forgot about this post, it’s been so long! And really? What exactly do you know? Did these guys ever put anything else out? Where are they now?

  1. Sorry no one from Band has ever replied.Check out the new line-up for bubble gum rockers ” Ohio Express ” John Baker is playing lead guitar for that band.I filled in spot for their bass player after album was recorded. For the record the band was from Mansfield Ohio not Kentucky.

  2. Hi:
    Gary sands here. I see John and maybe has checked in. Hope they will fill in you folks about the recording. I personally had nothing to do with the album but played with these guys for maybe a year after it’s release. John is right very good times indeed.

  3. Gary Sands here:
    John is right . Great times during the early 70’s . For the record I had nothing to do with recording Solid Oak but played bass for Top Drawer for about a year after it’s release. Also please note this band was from Mansfield Ohio not Kentucky.

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