Heavy Cream – Danny

Here’s a little something I would have loved to get my hands on sooner. It’s the debut release from Nashville natives HEAVY CREAM, coming from the Infinity Cat label, and they’re making quite a statement.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this record: it’s short. Too short. You’ve got twelve individual tracks of highly caffeinated, blink-once-and-it’s-over garage pop, lasting nowhere past the twenty minute mark. Ambitious female vocals are paired with catchy guitar hooks, and there’s absolutely no hesitation or second-guessing in their summery approach. The guitars are clean and concentrated, coming through with heavy riffage and barrels of skill. Although this is a short collection of like-minded songs, this is indeed proof that Heavy Cream are here to stay with their infectious take on garage influenced power-pop. They’re making their statement, and it’s definitely noticeable. By the time you get your foot in the door, this is already clear.

The first three tracks barely last five minutes long, but you’ll be roped into the music without any doubt in my mind. Lead singer Jessica wails away with confidence and much authority (like in the song “Hawkwound”), which is definitely one of the standout aspects of this exhilarating album. The opening track “Run Free” is an ecstatic intro to everything, and I’m not entirely sure what Jessica is singing, but it sounds like she’s endorsing taking a dose of LSD – fine by me! “Stiff Lick” is another one worth the full 2:21, which definitely has a moody grunge feel. About halfway through it suddenly picks up momentum and the chords are thrown through a fast paced beat down, which is a picture-perfect little song in itself included on this record.

Another track worth fussing over is “Heart of Darkness”, which has a morbid death-vibe at times, driven by crunchy guitar chord blasts as the energy pushes right on through. Another song you could use as a reference point for the album is the catchy “Watusi”, which I admittedly had to Google the name of to find what “watusi” meant. It originated in Philadelphia, see that?! But in all seriousness, if people actually did that dance all alone today they’d be getting some funny looks. Nonetheless, that playful dance attitude works wonders for the innocent Heavy Cream sound, so hopefully they keep this stuff coming, because other than this LP, I don’t know where else you can find their music.

Run Free –

Hawkwound –

Watusi –

Stiff Lick –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Power-pop
Danny: Tracklist:
1.) Run Free
2.) Hawkwound
3.) Watusi
4.) Tina
5.) Lava Lamp
6.) Pretty Baby
7.) Heart of Darkness
8.) Keep it Cool
9.) Unique New York
10.) Upchuck
11.) Stiff Lick
12.) Summer Bummer

BUY the LP directly from Insound
Heavy Cream on Blogspot
Heavy Cream on Myspace

5 thoughts on “Heavy Cream – Danny

  1. NICE!!! Just bought this one. I like how you temper the dream pop with the rock & roll. Keeps the blood pumping. This one’s going to get played a lot by me.

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