Total Slacker – Crystal Necklace 7″

Meet Total Slacker, Brooklyn’s bowl-cuttest band about town. Vice blog described Total Slacker as “that band that everybody hates because the skinny guy has a bowl cut”, so if people care this much about the dudes hair, they have to be doing something right. This is the debut release from these new guys, but after hearing the music, you’d probably never think that it was their first. Well, that’s because in a way, it’s not.

The band is filled out by Emily Oppenheimer on bass and vocals, Ross Condon on drums, and Tucker Rountree on guitar and vocals. Rountree, however, is the interesting member of the bunch. Originally coming from Salt Lake City, Rountree first started playing guitar at the young age of 7 years old. He mainly learned from his father, who taught him bluesy guitar licks and such. Coming from an artistic family, Tucker was always surrounded by music and became enamored with jazz thanks to his grandfather Will. As he grew up, he taught himself how to play guitar, constantly honing up on his skills to get where he is today. Before long, Rountree was well known on the jazz scene, and had the chance to put out his very own album under the name “Tucker Rountree Sound”. Don’t believe me all you bowl-cut haters? Check out this link right here. Not only can you still download the album, it gives you some pretty insightful information about Rountree, which is where I got all that information from above.

Okay, so, maybe I went off on a bit of a tangent there. But I feel like you guys needed to know this. Especially since this band doesn’t seem to be getting all the respect it deserves because of one dudes haircut. Background information like that provides awesome insight for a band that is said to be “brand new”, when in fact they’re not entirely “brand new”. In my opinion – who fuckin’ cares about his hair! If anything the hair gives the band some personality, and apparently a reason to be hated.

So yeah, now you’re probably wondering what the hell Total Slacker sounds like since I’ve been neglecting to talk about the band for this long. Let’s keep it simple, shall we? This 7″ comes with two brain-burning tracks with one of each side called “Crystal Necklace” and “Video Store Rental Guy”. Each turns into a smokey, raging psychedelic onslaught right before you ears, and if you’re into psych, this WILL be right up your alley. Coming complete with pounding drums, face melting guitars and throbbing bass lines, it’s no wonder why this Brooklyn trio is catching on so well…orrrrr not so well. Snag their 7″ with the link below before you can’t anymore.

Crystal Necklace –

Video Store Rental Guy –

My Rating: 8.7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Crystal Necklace 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Crystal Necklace
2.) Video Store Rental Guy

Total Slacker on Myspace
BUY the 7″ directly from Insound
For those still curious about Tucker Rountree & Total Slacker:
Check this out – Words about Tucker on FB
Check this out – Tucker Rountree Sound mp3’s
Check this out – Tucker Rountree Sound Myspace
Check this out – Vids of Rountree playing with jazz dudes (if this doesn’t work just search ‘Tucker Rountree’ on YouTube)
Check this out – Rountree’s other band, the poppy ‘Web Dating’
Check this out, too – Total Slacker: A Brooklyn Love Story

3 thoughts on “Total Slacker – Crystal Necklace 7″

  1. Amazing find! Thank you for sharing.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t have even noticed his bowl-cut if it wasn’t mentioned. People are silly.

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