Various Artists – Todo Muere Volume 1

This Sacred Bones Records compilation marks the second Record Store Day exclusive we’re covering. It features plenty of bands (Moon Duo, Zola Jesus, Trust, Cult of Youth) who have recently graced our headlines, so in terms of compilations it doesn’t get much better than this.

For those of you who were lucky enough to grab this one last Saturday, then you already know what’s in store. The compilation was released in an edition of 900, featuring oodles of previously unreleased material from some of our recent favorites like TRUST, CULT OF YOUTH, and MOON DUO. For example, purchasing this thing for the sole purpose of the Zola Jesus track at the end would quickly prove not disappoint any buyer. It’s an acoustic version of the song “Run Me Out” (from the Stridulum EP), featuring brooding piano with a heavily thunderous rhythm. The origin of this track comes from a radio session at KXLU in Los Angeles, and it’s inclusion on this compilation is nothing short of the best treat ever.

As far as the unreleased material goes, that leaves us with Trust, Moon Duo, Cult of Youth, and Case Studies. The rest of the EP is filled out with tracks from previous Sacred Bones releases, such as Gary War, Amen Dunes, and Pop. 1280.

Kicking off the compilation from the beginning starts with the seven minute jammer “Flowers” from Moon Duo, which is an outtake from the “Mazes” recording sessions. As it unwinds you’ll find yourself in familiar territory, with textured synths, swirling guitars and the delusion that you’re constantly spinning. A bit later comes “Not a Waste of Sky” from Canadian duo Trust, which garners even more promise for their seemingly odd future. Tag this song as “grave wave” and you (or anyone else) shouldn’t have any trouble disagreeing. It’s a darkly glamorous track with glistening and ecstatic choruses that’ll easily leave you in a state of awe. The unsettling sounds are enough to keep you on your toes from beginning to end, no matter how many times you have to use the repeat button. The way this song is structured and the use of so many intricate and subtle sound differences will ultimately keep you coming back for more – perhaps more than any other track on the compilation.

This eventually makes way for “Eihwaz”, which is an unreleased track from the “Cult of Youth” recording sessions. It’s a rowdy one, coming complete with punchy bass lines and primal drumming that would have fit in beautifully on the LP, no questions asked. It’s once again overflowing with neo-folk tendencies, which is eventually proven by the fiddle/violin that comes through at the end. This leaves us with a more-than-fresh demo track from the upcoming Sacred Bones project “Case Studies.” Jesse Lortz fronts this gentle group, who you might already know from the Dutchess and the Duke, whose first release is due out in early summer. Now sink your teeth into these tracks below, because we don’t think there’s many other places where you can do so 😉

Moon Duo – Flowers –

Trust – Not a Waste of Sky –

Cult of Youth – Eihwaz –

Zola Jesus – Run Me Out (Acoustic) –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Compilation, Sacred Bones, Record Store Day
Todo Muere Vol. 1: Tracklist:
1.) Moon Duo – Flowers
2.) Gary Way – On It’s Head
3.) Trust – Not a Waste of Sky
4.) Pop. 1280 – Step Into the Grid
5.) Cult of Youth – Eihwaz
6.) Amen Dunes – Murder Dull Mind
7.) Case Studies – The Eagle or the Serpent
8.) Zola Jesus – Run Me Out (Acoustic Part Time Punks Radio Session)

BUY this comp. from Discogs or eBay – might be your only options

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