Trust – Sulk EP

The long-awaited debut LP from Canadian duo TRUST is finally upon us. The album (simply titled “TRST”) officially drops on February 28th courtesy of Arts & Crafts, but luckily we have this “Sulk” EP to hold us over until then.

Simply stating that we were anticipating this release would be a gross understatement. Trust have been treading carefully below the radar up until about now, when all of the good news regarding their upcoming LP finally surfaces. In doing so, they’ve received “Best New Track” nods from the likes of Pitchfork, which seems like a justification for everything they’ve released until now. While a “Best New Track” nod from some random website really doesn’t mean anything, it at least goes to show that somebody else out there recognizes the significance of this duo. They have certainly earned every little bit of praise that has come their way and they continue to answer right back with their haunting arrangements that literally go above and beyond anything you could fathom.

Take “Sulk” for example, the track that will eventually be the closing song on their full-length. The song is absolutely dominated by a bumping bass that will keep you moving throughout the duration, complemented by their stringy synths and syrupy electronic leads. Robert Alfons sings like a man on fire in his haunting timbre, swaying back and forth in the foreboding verses that gloriously swell with gyrating synth waves. After digging in with a second or third listen, you should find the mixture of glowing electronics simply irresistible, not to mention their troubling, sexy and tormenting zeal that drips with attitude from all angles. Once it’s all said and done, the six minute track is barely enough to keep you satisfied.

Housed on the flipside is the previously unreleased track “The Dazzle.” It’s a song that had been floating around for awhile on Soundcloud and whatnot, but it officially see’s release with this short EP. The track sounds like a dash through a frozen-over ice cavern, riddled with all sorts of glittering and bouncing electronics that really speaks to their “speed, space + tears” aesthetic. Granted it doesn’t come off as harsh as some of their other tracks can, but it still fits the mold. That being said, right now “The Dazzle” is a track on it’s own in their small but growing discography. Now hear both parts of the EP right below for a blissful start to your day.

Sulk –

The Dazzle –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Trance, Ethereal, Dance
Sulk EP: Tracklist:
1.) Sulk
2.) The Dazzle

BUY the digital single directly from Arts & Crafts
PREORDER the LP “TRST” for it’s February 28th release date
Trust on Tumblr

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