Sarongs – Sarongs CS

The first release at Prison Art Tapes is also the debut release from SARONGS of Syracuse, NY, offering a totally demented blend of deliriously evil post-punk that will leave a burnt and gaping hole between your eyebrows.

To most of us, Sarongs probably seem to come up from nowhere. For those already familiar, they know the cherished story of how Sarongs were birthed in Lindsey Leonard’s (the vocalist in Sarongs) beer-drenched attic, where everybody would get drunk and rowdy until they managed to put on a show. Their sparse and frantic post-punk somehow makes this all seem plausible, mustering up ungodly amounts of energy and a sense of urgency that puts most other bands to shame with their evil and hostile intentions. Leonard’s yelping vocals switch up from sounding ghostly possessed and utterly distasteful in a song like “North Face”, which features heated blasts of noisy guitar jangle and the most unsettling spirit as she “pukes” in disgust.

Cassette opener “Pedestrian” might prove such statements the most accurately in the long run. Bellowing basses sit under pounding rhythms and spiny guitars, leaving you feeling totally vulnerable and in complete distress at the speed and anger that is drilled into your forehead. After that welcome wagon you will come across other mutated post-punk diseases like “Blowhard” – an industrial sounding tangle that forces fat and throbbing basses down your throat, with endless cymbal crashing and malfunctioning synths to preserve the level of abnormality that comes along with such a unique and dangerous song. Next up, you should feel lucky if you escape the messy rage of “Pixel” without a wound to show for it, while “Police Chase” is their spastic sound in a nutshell, showing all they have to offer in a minute-and-a-half instrumental onslaught.

Approaching the B-side, “Mineral” is the real prize of the entire cassette, being a nine minute suite of horrendous and epic proportions that treads down a completely new path. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own time, just be forewarned of the painstaking obstacles you will endure. From heart-stopping changes of pace to the most shambolic and threatening guitar shards, these bruisers won’t ask any questions while you’re face down in broken glass begging for mercy. It would be a shame if you overlooked this one, so you probably don’t want to sleep on it.

For the vinyl lovers like I know you all are (right?), check this out. Looks like we may have this one on wax in the future – keep your fingers crossed! After this berserk stretch of songs below, listen to the rest of the cassette right here – you really don’t want to miss out!

Pedestrian –

North Face –

Blowhard –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Experimental
Sarongs CS: Tracklist:
1.) Pedestrian
2.) North Face
3.) Blowhard
4.) Pixel
5.) Police Chase
6.) Mineral
7.) Goodbye Horses

Sarongs on Bandcamp
BUY the cassette directly from Prison Art Tapes – limited to 50 forever !

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