Trust – TRST

At long last, the debut album “TRST” from Canadian electronic duo TRUST is finally upon us. Coming from the Arts & Crafts label in Toronto with today as the official release date, Trust can only climb higher from here on out.

As many of you guys know, we’ve been following Trust since they dropped their first 7″. Now nearly a year later they’ve released their first proper full-length and chances are they’re going to blow up sky high. With a record like “TRST,” they don’t really give us another option to consider anyway. So by this point in their existence, you should have no trouble endorsing the fact that Trust are taking electronic music to a new, dark and twisted frontier. “TRST” is proof of this claim for it’s entire 52 minute duration. Ranging from “Shroom” all the way down to “Sulk,” “TRST” is a nonstop banger of sexed up, dark-wave trance that will have you sweating bullets from the lone urge to get up and dance.

Just about every track included is undoubtedly single worthy, whether it’s past favorites like “Candy Walls” or the swirling, ethereal ambiance of new tracks like “The Last Dregs.” “The Last Dregs” offers a fluorescent, toxic ooze that flows from the song naturally, evoking a hypnotic element that will take firm grasp on your ears and refuse to let go. Driven by irresistible electronic leads that will keep any dance floor bumping all night, this is still only the beginning of what “TRST” has to offer. That being said, each track is as unique as the last, to the point where each one will leave a lasting impression that’s just too good to shake. Take the anthemic opener “Shroom” for example, where you find yourself suddenly immersed in a haunting environment, creating the vibe that the track almost feels like it’s breathing with an ecosystem to support of it’s own. Shortly after the track begins to unfold, it’s going to be hard to divert your focus to anything else (go listen to the track below).

Like many people will discover in due time, there’s lots to like about this album with little reason to make you think or feel otherwise. If you can dig deep enough into each song, you’ll realize that they’re all synth-pop songs at the base. It’s everything else that’s loaded on top that really makes each one just as unique as the last – see “Chrissy E” for another striking example. The track screams industrial 80’s electro-goth-pop, but it also shows us that Robert Alfons has some truly stunning vocal capabilities. His voice ranges from one extreme to the next, whether it’s in his usual moody timbre or this high-pitched crooning that is just absolutely delicious – once the beat combines with the vocals, you will be sold.

The end of this leads us into the finale which we already know as “Sulk,” a track so overwhelmingly alluring you won’t be able to shake the trance. Stringy, tangling synths lead us face first into the bumping rhythm, stealing the show at the end of the album which will only leave you foaming at the mouth for more. As if other tracks like “Dressed for Space,” “Bulbform,” or “Gloryhole” haven’t already made shockingly clear, Trust have some dazzling tricks up their sleeve, meaning they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only can these guys put together some unbelievable electronic arrangements, but at the same time they create an image for themselves and for their sound that screams creativity with a large helping of originality.

All in all, “TRST” is an album we could probably talk about for days and rightfully so. Trust truly have brought us a one-of-a-kind offering to which we can only hope it will receive the the recognition it deserves. This might also mean that somewhere down the road we should prepare ourselves for an endless wave of imitating by-products, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes. In such an event anyone should try to tell you otherwise, make sure you remind them it was Trust who truly helped define a sound.

PS – Check out this post where you can also listen to “Sulk” from the LP.

Shroom –

Bulbform –

The Last Dregs –

Chrissy E –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Ethereal, Synth Pop, Trance, Dance
TRST LP: Tracklist:
1.) Shroom
2.) Dressed for Space
3.) Bulbform
4.) The Last Dregs
5.) Candy Walls
6.) Gloryhole
7.) This Ready Flesh
8.) F.T.F.
9.) Heaven
10.) Chrissy E
11.) Sulk

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