TRUST Live in Philadelphia (10/24/12)

Last night was the first time that TRUST ever visited Philadelphia. The Toronto-based electronic outfit brought us all a sexy-good time at the North Star Bar, headlining a bill comprised of Void Vision, the Downtown Club and DJ Passable Plastic, who all happen to hail from Philly. The show marked the beginning of their current string of North American shows, where they had just wrapped up a large portion of their Fall 2012 tour over in Europe. The trio on stage played a generous portion of their twisted synth-pop debut TRST from Arts & Crafts, even slipping in a couple brand new tracks that have yet to have a home. Robert Alfons led the way in his dark, brooding tone for the duration of the show, often times sounding right on point with what you hear in their recorded material. Perhaps once this current tour of theirs is over, we’ll start hearing more about these new songs they played last night.



If you happened to miss Trust this time around, they’ll be back on December 6th in Philadelphia at the Trocadero with the Faint. And as always, if these two videos above weren’t enough for you, you can find two others from the show last night right here. On top of that, you can listen to “Sulk” from their debut album below, as well as the glittery B-side track “Not a Waste of Sky” from the Todo Muere Vol. 1 compilation on Sacred Bones Records.

Sulk –

Not a Waste of Sky –

Watch more videos from the show RIGHT HERE – there’s 4 total
BUY the TRST LP directly from Insound
BUY the Bulbform 12″ directly from Insound
Trust – Official Website

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