Nicolas Jaar – Remixes Volume 1 (Pépé Bradock & Dave Aju)

Just released by the Circus Company in France is a small batch of remixes from NICOLAS JAAR on 12″ vinyl, focusing on his excellent album “Space is Only Noise” from earlier this year. Continue reading “Nicolas Jaar – Remixes Volume 1 (Pépé Bradock & Dave Aju)”

Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn 7″

Here’s the final 7″ in the string of PANDA BEAR singles that was released over the last ten months leading up to the release of “Tomboy”, which officially hits shelves on the 12th (hint hint). Anybody else with me that this all took way longer than we probably expected? Continue reading “Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn 7″”